How to use aftershave lotion

How to use aftershave lotion

Aftershave lotion calms skin, disinfects it, tones up. That this cosmetic has brought the maximum benefit, it is necessary to use it correctly.

How to choose aftershave lotion

Aftershave lotion helps to calm skin, to soften and moisten it. Most of men use this cosmetic regularly and any more do not imagine comfortable shaving without use of lotion.

In order that use of lotion has brought the maximum benefit, it is necessary to learn to select product correctly. In this case it is necessary to be guided by type of the skin and own requirements.

Oily lotion with the nutritious and moisturizing additives perfectly will be suitable for dry face skin. Quality cosmetic will provide to skin worthy care. For sensitive face skin it is necessary to select the corresponding lotion. It will help to remove irritation after shaving, will calm skin. As a rule, such products are hypoallergenic. For oily and problem skin it is better to choose lotion with antiseptic additives. In certain cases also products that contain alcohol will approach. Such products remove greasy luster, normalize work of sebaceous glands, interfere with emergence of inflammatory elements. It is desirable to buy aftershave lotion and foam, shaving gel from one line of cosmetics. In this case they will supplement action of each other. Besides, cosmetic products from one series have, as a rule, identical aroma.

How to use aftershave lotion

After removal of hair it is necessary to purify with the razor skin carefully. It is the best of all to wash away residues of foam or shaving gel water. If after the carried-out procedure on skin there were grazes or cuts, it is necessary prizhech wound product that contain alcohol. If alcohol is part of lotion for shaving, then it is not obligatory to carry out preliminary processing of skin. After washing it is necessary to blot face with towel slightly. Aftershave lotion needs to be applied to slightly moist skin. For drawing it is necessary to pour out small amount of means on palm and to blot face, distributing lotion on skin hands. There is also more economic way of use of aftershave lotion. For this purpose it is necessary to apply its small amount on cotton pad and to wipe with it face. If the man has got used to watch himself and to look after carefully the skin, after a while after putting lotion he can apply a little face cream to skin. At the same time it is very desirable that cream and lotion were from one cosmetic series.

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