How to use akhatina in the cosmetic purposes

How to use akhatina in the cosmetic purposes

Snails of akhatin have won popularity as pet relatively recently. Snails do not require attention and trembling leaving, ideal pets for very busy persons. Recently use of snails of akhatin in beauty shops as the means having the powerful rejuvenating effect gains steam.

What properties do snails of akhatin have?

Akhatina - the large African snail, in the course of activity produces slime which has the high curative and rejuvenating properties. 

These properties are caused by unique composition of slime. Contains in slime of snail of akhatin:

  • vitamin C - improves complexion, promotes production of hyaluronic acid and collagen, has antioxidant, anti-inflammatory properties and also is peculiar UV filter;
  • vitamin E - stimulates ability of cages to regeneration, will improve blood circulation, increases elasticity and elasticity of skin, smoothes small wrinkles, has wound healing and anticarcinogenic properties;
  • natural antibiotic - antiseptic properties help to fight against inflammations, eels, pimples, manifestations of eczema, psoriasis, different dermatitis, including fights against rashes on skin at atopic dermatitis and also against purulent damages of skin;
  • collagen - the protein forming the basis of various body tissues including skin. Though collagen is defective protein of poor quality as the poor number of amino acids is its part, in cosmetology has found broad application thanks to the excellent moistening and smoothing properties providing elasticity and elasticity of skin;
  • glycolic acid - the irreplaceable assistant in fight against rashes on skin: pimples, acne, rash, including allergic character;
  • allantoin - has the powerful regenerating, wound healing properties. 

Thus, in cosmetology of snail of akhatin are used for the rejuvenating procedures and also for treatment of skin rashes, freckles, scars. 

The method of application of snails in cosmetology is simple:

  • Before the procedure feed snail of akhatin, having offered grated apple or pumpkin, either salad leaf, or several drops of milk.
  • Clean face from cosmetics, skin fat, dust, having wiped with the cotton pad moistened with the habitual cleaning means. Then wash warm water to wash away the remains of this means. 
  • Grease face with small amount of milk. 
  • Wash body of snail with clear water of room temperature to remove the stuck soil. 
  • Accept convenient pose, for example, reclining. Keep in mind that the procedure will last about 15 minutes. 
  • On the person place snail of akhatin and hold her until it does independently not keep. 
  • Allow snail to creep on face skin, moving carefully on problem sites. 
  • When the snail processes the slime all surface of face, take photographs of animal. And leave slime on face for 10 - 15 minutes. 
  • Wash away slime warm water without use of the cleaning means, then it is possible to apply small amount of the moisturizing cream to face skin. 

Except that, moving, the snail of akhatin produces slime and skin is influenced by the substances which are contained in this slime, also, moving, the animal makes vacuum facial massage, and removing milk layer the oral device - raduly - peculiar terochka from chitin, purifies leather from roughnesses and black dots. 

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team