How to use almond oil

How to use almond oil

oil is natural product which has sweetish taste and yellowish color, rather viscous consistence. Almond oil is received by cold pressing of almonds, and it is used in different spheres, such as cookery, cosmetology and medicine. Almond oil contains quite large amount of vitamins A, groups B, E and F. Vitamin E eliminates inflammations of the skin and slows down cell aging. Vitamin F which is contained in almond oil keeps gloss and elasticity of hair, promoting their rapid growth and also normalizes work of sebaceous glands.

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  • - Almond oil.


  1. It is good to use almond oil at dry and sluggish skin as it possesses rather good softening, nutritious and rejuvenating action. If you the owner of problem skin, almond oil helps to eliminate inflammations and reddenings. At the combined face skin care, oil will help to avoid expansion of time on undesirable sites of the person – chin, forehead and nose and also to cope with peeling in dry sites of skin. Almond oil can be used in pure form, instead of cream. For this purpose it is necessary to apply almond oil to face skin thin layer easy pats of fingers. It is possible to add small amount of oil to cream, for this purpose squeeze out a little cream on hand and add couple of drops of oil, stir and put the received structure on face.
  2. Almond oil can be used for removal of make-up from eyes and face, instead of milk and soap. For this purpose to warm up rather a little almond oil and to apply on cotton pad, to wipe carefully face.
  3. Almond oil is rather strong natural means which strengthens hair and stimulates their growth. It adds to hair gloss and flexibility, feeds and gives elasticity. For hair and head skin care, it is enough to apply almond oil on hairbrush and to comb hair. Such crest it is necessary to comb hair not less than three times a day. If you the owner of oily hair, rub several drops of oil in roots of hair, gradually moving to their tips. For strengthening of effect add two drops of oil of cedar and two drops of oil of cypress on one tablespoon of almond oil. Such mix can be applied on comb and to comb hair throughout the day.
  4. Eyelashes, also as skin and hair, require care too. If you want to have longer and fluffy eyelashes, grease them with the brush moistened in almond oil. It stimulates their growth and interferes with loss.
  5. Quite often almond oil is used for nail care. For this purpose it is enough to add couple of drops of oil of lemon and ylang-ylang to tablespoon of almond oil. Apply oil mix on nails and cuticle. At daily use of almond oil, you receive strong and long nails.

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