How to use antiseptic useful oils

How to use antiseptic useful oils

Possibilities of the nature are boundless, but it require from people of care and attention. The oils keeping vital forces and the most valuable properties of plants throughout many centuries help mankind to survive, sometimes in difficult conditions.

It is required to you

  • - aromalamp;
  • - aromatic pendant.


1. Distinguish natural essential oils and vegetable oils which receive by means of cold extraction. Both those, and others have individual set of various properties, including bactericidal and antiseptic. Essential oils are the strongly concentrated natural extracts of plants with saturated resistant aroma received by methods of steam distillation or cold extraction. Besides antiseptic properties, they make strong impact on human body.

2. Vegetable oils or as they are called in aromatherapy, receive base oils by method of cold pressing from seeds, grains, nuts of plants. They possess or light sweetish nut aroma, or do not smell at all. It is necessary to choose base oils, proceeding from as far as oil suits you and what you expect effect of its application.

3. Carefully select essential and base oils. Uses of improper ready phyto-means emergence of irritation on skin and other allergic reactions can become result of use of undiluted essential oils, their wrong dosage and combinations and also. In order to avoid such consequences previously carry out the sensitivity test to oils and, whenever possible, consult to the doctor-aromaterapevtom before their application.

4. If desired independently to use these means buy only natural essential and base oils. They are on sale in drugstores. At the label at the name of oil there has to be word "natural", but not "cosmetic". On sale there are essential oils of high extent of cleaning, they can be used inside, strictly observing dosage. Base oils, for example, olive, sesame, linen, it is also possible to buy in usual grocery stores. Pay attention to expiration date.

5. Attentively study the instruction. There surely is information on how it is possible to use the oil bought by you and to combine it with other means. Consider that in instructions not all properties can be specified. Owing to unique composition of each oil and condition of your organism the dosage can be different.

6. By drawing up mixes do not forget that essential oils measure in compoundings by drops, and basic – tablespoons. Oils can be used in aromalamps which need to be bought separately. The principle of their work is based on distribution of aromas by air as a result of their heating.

7. Use aromatic pendant. It should be carried under clothes for all day, digging in in it only one drop of precious oil. Besides the pleasant smell which is picked up individually it will protect you from harmful microbes.

8. Essential oils apply in cold and hot inhalations, wrappings, massages. They can be inhaled for several minutes directly from bubble, to dilute with either water, or alcohol, or base oil and to apply on the area demanding treatment. Great effect the bathtub with addition of these wonderful natural substances has.

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