How to use apple cider vinegar for the person

How to use apple cider vinegar for the person

Apple cider vinegar is used not only for improvement from within, but even for maintenance of beauty of skin. Vinegar contains many useful substances thanks to which it is possible to rejuvenate, clean and disinfect skin.

Properties apple the uksusaprisutstviye of antioxidants in vinegar allocates this unique means with the rejuvenating action. Regular application of vinegar fills with health skin, bringing it into tone. The nutrients and vitamins which are contained in vinegar promote smoothing of wrinkles. Daily wiping of skin vinegar saves it from greasy luster. And still the anti-inflammatory property allows to apply apple cider vinegar to skin disinfecting.

Application of apple cider vinegar

At production of means it is necessary to take exclusively natural vinegar. Many doubt whether it is possible to wipe with vinegar face. It is possible - it is applied at oily skin. At preparation of means for the withering and flabby skin it is necessary to add fat components. Vinegar is contraindicated for the thin and sensitive skin inclined to irritations and inflammations.

Wiping of the person ice with apple the uksusomet the procedure promotes rejuvenation, gives to mature skin of elasticity. Prepare decoction from herbs of lavender, train and flowers of camomile (on 1 tablespoon of each ingredient). Pour in it in apple cider vinegar. Pour structure on molds, remove in the deep freeze, wipe face with ice in the mornings. Tonic for the litsatonik made on the basis of apple cider vinegar is ideal for oily skin. Its application saves skin from gloss, tones up it, allocates with dullness. Dilute vinegar with water (proportion - 1:5). Grease with the received means skin every day. Steam vannochkiyablochny vinegar can be used as baths. For this purpose fill capacity with water, put on strong fire. Pour in vinegar, bend over pan, throw with towel the head. Take the person within 10 minutes over steam. Lotion from pryshcheyzaleyta equal quantity of grass of celandine and train, let's infuse within two weeks. Dilute structure with water, wipe with lotion face. This means helps to overcome small heat-spots. Mask for litsasmeshayta 3 tablespoons of flour from oats from 2 h spoons of natural honey, in 4 tablespoons of apple cider vinegar. Distribute structure on skin, wash away in 20 minutes. This mask helps to save skin from greasy luster.

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