How to use autosuntan

How to use autosuntan

Autosuntan - excellent exit for those who want to get beautiful shade of skin and not to damage health. The creams, gels and sprays providing natural golden shade paint only the upper layer of the skin and are easily applied in house conditions.

It is required to you

  • - autosuntan for face and body;
  • - srub;
  • - bast from loofah;
  • - the moisturizing cream;
  • - gloves.


1. Before causing autosuntan it is necessary to purify carefully skin, having removed the died-off cages. After this procedure the artificial suntan will lay down more exactly and will hold on longer. Take warm shower, and then apply on body coarse-grained srub on the basis of sugar, salt or ground fruit stones. Instead of srub it is possible to use rigid bast from natural loofah. Carefully process body, and then rinse it with water.

2. The dry skin after processing can be moisturized milk or cream. It will make it softer and will provide equal beautiful color. If you want to put autosuntan on face, also process it srub, having picked up more sparing option - for example, means on the basis of polyethylene granules.

3. Choose autosuntan. It is possible to find means in the form of gel in sale, emulsion, cream or spray. There are options intended for body and for the person and also universal remedies. Modern autosuntan is much more effective than the predecessors - they are easily put, have several shades of various saturation, differ in pleasant sweetish aroma and do not give unnatural carrot shade.

4. Beginning to buy better cream which is painted at contact with skin. It will be simpler to you to control color, without leaving strips and bald spots. For light skin the autosuntan giving golden tone will be suitable for swarty more dark means - bronze, henna-red are intended.

5. Squeeze out small amount of cream on palm and apply with the pounding movements it on body. Begin with legs, moving from foot to hips. Be attentive, pounding cream in knees and ankles - in these parts more often there are drips and strips. Then pound cream on back, breast and stomach, finish with hands and neck. Moisten elbows and knees before causing autosuntan with additional portion of milk for body. On too dry skin the artificial suntan can get excessively dark shade.

6. Processing face, you do not apply autosuntan on eyebrows and roots of hair. Well pound it about ears and in the area of chin. You do not cause autosuntan with too thick layer. That the shade looked naturally, and color has turned out more saturated, repeat the procedure next day. Consider that artificial suntan will be washed away in several days. Update it at least once a week, carefully purifying skin before each drawing.

7. After causing autosuntan wash up hands with soap, otherwise palms will get orange shade. If your skin too light, you apply cream for autosuntan in thin plastic gloves. After processing of skin do not put on within half an hour, otherwise on things there will be dark stains, and on skin - light sites. Do not take shower which can wash away the applied cream.

8. The skin covered with autosuntan requires careful care. Do not rub its bast - for daily clarification use soft shower gels without granules. After washing moisten body with milk or cream. It is possible to use special tinted means, they slightly highlight skin, keeping its beautiful shade.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team