How to use balm

How to use balm

Hair balm has much more tasks, than at shampoo, is protection, moistening, food of structure of hair, combing simplification, etc. That balm has taken that effect for which it also intends, they need to use correctly.


  1. Apply balm conditioner to protection of hair against harmful effects on them of the environment, thermal influence by the curling iron, the iron. The hair processed by balm conditioner dry quicker, than usually. At the same time they hold moisture in themselves, are less electrified, keep the volume better.
  2. Conditioners-balms normalize the rn-environment of head skin and hair. Also they eliminate residues of shampoo from them if it has been washed away not carefully. Use of such balms adds gloss to hair, strengthens and emphasizes new color after their coloring.
  3. Balms fill with moisture hair, feed them, soften, smooth dry locks. At their application the hair better look and easily comb hair. You can regularly use conditioners when washing hair.
  4. There is other type of balms for hair – indelible. Distribute a little funds on palms and grease with them the dry or moistened after washing hair. Let's dry then hair it is possible to comb and create from them hairstyle. Useful properties of such balms are that they protect locks from thermal impact on them, soften dry tips of hair.
  5. Balsam means for washing off are applied on the hair which are washed up by shampoo, and radical part of hair can be not affected, paying more attention to drawing on middle part of hair and their tips.
  6. If on packing of balm it is told that it contains nutrients for head skin, then balm can be rubbed in addition and in roots of hair.
  7. You do not hold balm on the head longer, than it is specified in the instruction of its application. If the producer has specified that balm is applied for 5 minutes, so it is worth taking it on the head so much. If advise to hold not longer than one minute, it is not necessary to overdo as such means can excessively weight hair.
  8. Wash away balm after the term of its endurance on hair warm or cool water. Hot water does not recommend to wash away any kind of balm cosmetologists.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team