How to use barmy masks for hair

How to use barmy masks for hair

Without the correct leaving the hair become dry, dim, faded and begin to drop out. Shampoo and balm for them are not enough. The head of hear requires good nutrition which includes vitamins, micro and macrocells and also other active agents arriving from within (with food) and outside - in the form of masks for hair. Great impact on head of hear is made by barmy masks.

Yeast is vitamin-rich groups B, P and D and also calcium, magnesium, iron, zinc and other useful elements. That is why barmy masks considerably improve blood circulation in head skin, prevent hair loss, strengthen them, saturate with vivifying gloss and energy.

Barmy cosmetic mix for hair of fat type

To prepare barmy cosmetic for oily hair, take 28-30 g of baker's compressed yeast, protein of egg and 1 tablespoon of warm water. Yeast mixes with water and enriches mix with the egg white beaten in light foam. Nutritious weight is applied on clean moist hair and left before full drying. Further carefully wash away mask water of room temperature (with shampoo) and rinse head of hear with grass broth, for example, camomile or urticaceous.

The nutritious structure prepared according to this recipe favorably influences hair of this type. But the positive result is observed only on condition of regular application of barmy mask. Treatment course: 10 procedures are performed daily then the barmy mask continues to be done 1 time in 8-10 days before full "recovery" of hair.

If to combine barmy masks with intake of beer yeast inside, process of improvement of condition of hair will significantly accelerate.

Mask from yeast for dry type of hair

For preparation of barmy mask for dry hair take 1.5-2 tsps of dry baking yeast and add them to ½ glasses of the kefir which is slightly warmed up on water bath. Leave mix for 47-50 minutes. Then enrich the weight of 1 tsp of natural honey and apply mix on moist clean hair. From above cover the head with cellophane package and put on woolen cap. Not less than 30 minutes hold mask. Then wash away water of comfortable temperature. After this procedure for giving to hair of beautiful gloss recommend to rinse them with "acid" water (on 1 liter of water add juice from half of lemon or 1 tsp of vinegar).

1 tsp of dry baker's yeast is equivalent to 9-10 g of the pressed yeast.

To cure hair of the increased dryness, fragility and dimness, recommend to make 13-15 barmy masks. And the first 7 procedures should be done daily, and the subsequent - 2-3 times a week.

Activization of growth of hair by means of barmy mask

As a part of the means accelerating growth of hair there are such here components: 1 tablespoon of dry baking yeast, 1 tablespoon of burdock oil, several drops radio oil (on your taste), egg yolk, is a little camomile or nettle decoction. Yeast dissolves in warm broth and leaves mix for 33-35 minutes in the warm place. Further add other components and carefully mix. Apply nutritious weight on radical system and distribute on all length of locks (before this procedure wash hair with shampoo). Later put on rubber hat and warm the head towel. 65-70 minutes later wash away. Treatment course - 8-10 procedures which should be done twice a week. According to reviews, in month the hair grow by 2-3 cm.

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