How to use body lotion

How to use body lotion

Regular use of body lotion helps to keep skin youth, interfering with moisture loss. Unlike cream, lotion has lighter texture therefore it is used a little differently.

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1. Before using body lotion, it is desirable to understand for himself what specifically wants to be received. For each type of skin there are means therefore it is important correct to pick up the corresponding lotion, differently it is possible not to wait for effect of its application. Besides, lotion can perform additional functions, interfere with rapid growth of hair or give to skin shine. To solve whether similar properties are necessary, it is necessary individually.

2. Lotions and on the period of year in which for use are intended differ. Means for winter more dense, not only humidify, but also feed. Whereas lotions for flying have to be almost weightless.

3. Having stopped on specific means, you do not apply it on all body at once. The risk of allergic reactions is present when using any cosmetics and if skin is especially sensitive, then instead of moistening it is possible to get itch and rash. Therefore at first it is desirable to test lotion on the small site of skin and only when negative reactions have not followed, to use it fully.

4. Further it is necessary to be defined for what part of body it is going to use skin lotion. For different sites of skin it is required structures with various components and additives, than the land skin, especially nutritious lotion should be chosen.

5. After suitable means for skin is found, it is necessary only to apply it to skin after shower easy, massage movements. So it is necessary to arrive after each contact of skin with water irrespective of how many times a day are taken shower.

6. Do not try to apply too large amount of lotion to skin, otherwise the probability that it just will not be able to be absorbed completely is high and lotion will leave marks on clothes. Therefore the criterion of correctness of drawing means for moistening of skin can be considered only her comfortable feelings.

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