How to use body scrub

How to use body scrub

To purify leather from the died-off cages, to make it soft and gentle and also to help to get rid of cellulitis – the usual body scrub is capable to make all this. He can be tough and very delicate, hypoallergenic or flavored, expensive and quite available. Choose suitable option, use it regularly and your skin will look excellently soon.


1. Pick up the srub suitable for your skin. Rough epidermis on heels and knees can be processed means on the basis of pumice or ground apricot stones. Peelings on the basis of salt or sugar will be suitable for oily skin, for dry choose the means enriched with oils, and for sensitive – peelings with soft polyethylene granules. The srub with addition of essential oils of citrus is capable to cope not only with the died-off skin, but also with cellulitis.

2. Before processing take bath or shower. If the peeling is packed in bank, in advance prepare spoon or rake to get necessary portion. Slightly pound means in palms and you apply it on body with smooth circular motions. Begin processing with finger-tips of legs and move towards neck. Process breast and stomach very carefully, and back, hips, knees and forearms, on the contrary, intensively.

3. Having applied srub on all body, wait several minutes that active additives and oils have begun to work. Wash away means warm shower. Check folds of skin and remote sites that on them there were no parts of peeling – at long influence it can cause irritation.

4. If you have got srub in the form of bar, use it as massage tile, grating with it skin, and after pounding means hands. Consider that salt tiles cannot be applied if skin is injured – strong burning and reddening is guaranteed.

5. Having finished the procedure, blot skin with soft terry towel and apply on it milk or body emulsion. After processing by srub with mineral or vegetable oils, additional moistening will not be required. If you used anti-cellulite srub, grease skin with cream or serum and make intensive massage of problem zones.

6. Use srub one-two times a week. It is possible to apply anti-cellulite peelings courses – on 10 procedures in a row. Then the break is put, and after a while the course can be repeated.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team