How to use castor oil

How to use castor oil

oil (or castor-bean tree oil) has huge number of pluses. It is actively applied in medicine as effective depletive, pharmacologists use it for production of the medicines designed to solve skin problems (papilloma, pigmental spots, etc.) to fight against callosities and to treat roots of hair. Have not avoided such useful product as castor oil and cosmetologists. It helps to strengthen nails, to get rid of wrinkles, nourishes skin of face and hands. Very often castor oil is used not in pure form, and in mix with other components.


  1. Depletive. Long since disobedient children were frightened by castor oil. And it is not accidental - castor oil bitter on taste. And nevertheless, in case of emergency people had to take this not palatable medicine. Today it is produced in the form of gelatin capsules which are much easier for swallowing. Children are usually given 10 capsules, adults accept 20-30 (or 2 tablespoons). Capsules do not swallow everything at once, and accept serially within 30 minutes. It is necessary to remember that castor oil does not treat, and only helps to eliminate lock.
  2. Treatment of catarrhal diseases. Slightly warm castor oil and having dipped in it hands, pound back and breast of the sick person. Help it to put on cotton linen and put to bed under warm blanket. In 3-4 hours the procedure can be repeated. Attention - at high temperature of body the oil massage is contraindicated!
  3. Hair care. For strengthening of hair you apply the warmed-up castor oil on roots (it is possible the pipette) and rub massage movements. Wrap up the head towel, and from above warm scarf, and you hold this oil mask whenever possible longer (of half an hour till 3 o'clock). Then wash out hair under hot water within several minutes and only then use detergent – soap or shampoo. For strengthening of effect it is possible to mix castor oil with the same amount of onions juice and burdock oil.
  4. Smoothing of goose pads. If you mix castor oil in equal proportions with peach, olive, sea-buckthorn and wheat germ oil and will apply on eye area, skin will be infinitely grateful to you. At regular holding such procedure you will notice result soon enough – wrinkles will be smoothed, and new will appear not so quickly.
  5. Lip care. That lips did not dry and did not burst, grease with their structure prepared independently. Take 3 parts of castor oil and 4 parts of vaseline, mix. Before application it is desirable to warm up.
  6. Disposal of dry callosities. Daily before going to bed do oil massage by foot. Mix castor oil in equal proportions with oil of dogrose and germs of wheat. For the night put on cotton socks. In month neither callosities, nor natoptyshy, nor other problems on your legs will be. Besides, oil massage of feet will take off fatigue in legs, will help to relax and to fall asleep well.
  7. Nail care. Mix castor oil with oil of avocado, dogrose and sea-buckthorn. Warm up on water bath. With circular motions rub in nail plates, taking skin around nails. In the form of masks impose on nails mix from oils – castoric, almond and tea tree. You hold 10 minutes and wash away warm water with soft soap. At the end of the procedure you apply cream on hands.
  8. Help at hemorrhoids and cracks of anus. Mix castor oil with sea-buckthorn in equal parts, warm up. Moisten the cotton tampon or bandage put in several layers in mix, apply to hemorrhoids or cracks and leave for the night.

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