How to use castor oil for eyelashes

How to use castor oil for eyelashes

Castor oil - substance which is received as a result of hot pressing of seeds of castor-bean tree ordinary. Use it in the cosmetic, perfumery and medical industry. Castor oil is unusually useful for eyelashes. It can be used as separate means and also in combination with other components.

It is required to you

  • - castor oil;
  • - carrot juice;
  • - peach oil;
  • - almond oil;
  • - burdock oil;
  • - juice scarlet;
  • - vegetable oil;
  • - camomile extract;
  • - calendula extract;
  • - brush for eyelashes.


  1. Accurately apply castor oil on contour of growth of eyelashes by means of soft brush. 3-4 times a week are recommended to hold this procedure. Castor oil perfectly strengthens and feeds eyelashes, stimulating their growth. Be attentive: at hit of means in eyes surely wash them with cool water.
  2. For growth of eyelashes use castor oil in combination with carrot juice. For this purpose mix them in equal proportions. It is known that carrots are enriched with vitamin A which positively influences growth of eyelashes.
  3. Against loss of eyelashes mix 1 part almond, 1 part peach and 1 part of castor oil. If you are afraid of irritation mucous or your eyes are very sensitive, apply means only on tips. Oil all the same will impregnate cilia entirely, having evenly distributed on all length.
  4. Mix of burdock and castor oil is used as for removal of decorative cosmetics from eyes, and for food of eyelashes. Thus, the double advantage of the procedure - clarification and leaving turns out. Carefully mix these components in equal proportions, having added a little juice scarlet. Accurately apply the received balm on cilia by means of brush. Repeat this procedure 1-2 times a week within month. In 2-3 months you can repeat course.
  5. Means on the basis of vegetable (sunflower or olive) oils perfectly will be suitable for mitigation and food of your eyelashes. Take castor and vegetable oil in equal proportions and warm up a little. You apply the received cooled means 1-2 times a week on in advance cleaned eyelashes. As additional component you can use fir or sea-buckthorn oil also.
  6. By means of castor oil it is also possible to prepare medical elixir for eyelid skin and eyelashes. For this purpose mix 1 part of extract of calendula (oil), 1 part of extract of camomile (oil), 1 part of castor oil. Accurately apply the received means to in advance cleaned eyelid skin and eyelashes, avoiding hit in eyes. This elixir positively affects structure of hair, improves intracellular exchange of fabric, removes stress and fatigue of muscles, has antiallergic and anti-inflammatory effect.

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