How to use coconut milk for body

How to use coconut milk for body

The coconut milk, as well as oil, has miracle properties due to the naturalness. It does not contain in composition of dyes, fragrances and thickeners. At the expense of it it has beneficial influence on skin.


1. It is the best of all to buy fruit of coconut palm and to take coconut milk in house conditions. However in that case there is risk to buy dried fruit without milk. It is possible to buy also already ready milk. Correctness guarantee in this case are two positions: the concentrated milk of coco and water. Products with antioxidants and preservatives are less useful. You store milk only in the fridge.

2. Use coconut milk as additive to hand cream. It is very useful not only for skin, but also for nails. You apply such cream in small amounts, rubbing in skin and cuticle. Gentle and velvety skin and strong and healthy nails will be result of application.

3. The coconut milk remarkably will be suitable for mitigation by the foot which has coarsened skin. For achievement of the maximum effect, make mask with addition of coconut milk and apply it for 10-15 minutes before going to bed on feet and put on special socks. In the morning skin of heels will be gentle as at the small child.

4. Use coconut milk instead of lotion or cream. In shops the special cosmetic milk for body with coconut oil in structure is on sale. After drawing it creates weightless film which holds moisture and supports protective functions of skin on skin. At daily application it is possible to improve considerably condition of skin, to eliminate peeling and dryness and also to prevent emergence of cracks and wrinkles.

5. It is possible to grease with cream with coconut milk all problem parts of the body to eliminate coarsening, peeling and irritation.

6. For strengthening of the moistening and nutritious effect add coconut milk to the usual lotions, cream and mask. It is completely compatible to other cosmetic products and promotes the best digestion of nutrients. Also on its basis it is possible to prepare house body cream.

7. Do not forget to take coconut mask in bath. After the bathing procedures apply it to skin, likewise as you apply lotion. It will improve condition of integuments and will make skin soft and velvety.

8. Try to use milk with coconut oil for decollete zone. It is quickly enough absorbed and does skin smooth and elastic.

9. Take milk pans. Coco milk well moisturizes and softens the skin. The percent of content of natural oils in coconut milk is much higher than in cow therefore it gets into skin more deeply and remains on its surface. And for this reason it is often added to cosmetics.

10. Regular application of coconut milk maintains beauty and health of any type of skin. It will help to smooth significantly skin, to prevent peeling and to increase elasticity and elasticity of integuments.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team