How to use coconut oil

How to use coconut oil

tropical nut presents value in the form of coconut rigid fiber for tamping of mattresses, coconut flakes for confectionery. But there is more to come. It appears, from it receive coconut oil which is very demanded in the field of perfumery and cosmetology.

It is required to you

  • Coconut oil, sun-protection means, burdock or castor oil


  1. Coconut oil is available on sale in departments of cosmetics. However oil, similar on the properties, can be prepared independently in house conditions that will significantly reduce wonderful means cost. For this purpose it is enough to get coco, to split it, to pull out from it pulp, to crush, fill in with small amount of the boiling water and to put on water bath.
  2. In hour remove from fire and place in the cold place as coconut oil represents solid fat. The formed valuable product will harden then separate it from water, kindle, without bringing to boiling, and pour in capacity. Such eco-friendly means has no impurity and possesses pleasant smell. With own hand prepared oil is ready for use!
  3. As oil of coke has strong consistence even at usual (room) temperature, before application it is necessary to warm it a little. For this purpose put capacity on water bath or on heating radiator for several minutes then it can be used. Apply a little oil on crest with wide teeths and evenly distribute on hair the combing movements. Oil envelops each hair on all length, feeding it and protecting from washing away of protein from it.
  4. It is also good to use means from coco for treatment of the splitting hair and for dandruff. It is possible to make mask for hair with addition of burdock or olive oil. For this purpose mix components in identical proportions, apply on hair and leave at several o'clock, having wrapped up them with polyethylene film and towel. Then carefully wash away suitable shampoo, otherwise hair will take not well-groomed form. As a result they become strong and obedient.
  5. For face skin and hands coconut oil is exclusive cosmetic which very easy, and therefore is absorbed at once, without leaving feeling of discomfort. Thanks to it there is effective smoothing of small wrinkles, and skin becomes soft and velvety. Besides oil is admissible to use as good means for removal of make-up.
  6. Oil is applied to obtaining equal suntan without burns. For this purpose mix sun-protection means with coconut oil and apply bodies to skin. Suntan will be equal, and the protective moistening film will help to avoid burns of integuments.
  7. Also excellently is suitable for softening of skin of heels and their disposal of cracks. For this purpose after the steaming-out bath and processing apply oil which will be absorbed at once. Regular use will make heels smooth, as at the baby.

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