How to use cognac for appearance of hair

How to use cognac for appearance of hair

To add to the hair magnificent gloss and density, it is not enough to use only purchased means. Masks at home from natural means very often give amazing effect. The most important is to observe the instruction in accuracy and to know when to stop.

Masks for density and growth of hair help to put cheap and quickly in order your curls. Natural components - success basis for excellent effect of application of means.

Masks on the basis of cognac

Cognac with yolk, honey and oils

Ingredients: cognac - 30 ml, 2 yolks, dessertspoon of any oil (castoric, almond, apricot, burdock, etc.). Everything is necessary well to stir and to apply evenly on hair. In thirty minutes to wash with shampoo under warm water. 

Cognac and honey

Ingredients: 50 ml of cognac and 1 tablespoon of honey. Thanks to large amount of nutrients as a part of mask the hair will begin to grow quicker, will become dense and soft. To hold twenty minutes.

Cognac, yolk

Ingredients: 1 yolk and 50 ml of cognac. Use of such mix two times a week will add to hair gloss, as after the saloon procedures.

When you prepare mask, do not forget to add various vitamins B drops - it considerably will enhance effect.

Cognac and onions juice

Ingredients: juice of two bulbs, 50 ml of cognac, dessertspoon of lemon juice. Such mask perfectly warms head skin and stimulates growth of hair. To hold mask no more than twenty minutes, having wound the head with film, and from above - terry towel.

Before use of any structure carry out the test for allergic reaction: apply a little mix on the sensitive site of skin and wait thirty minutes. If there is no reddening - can safely use.

Masks on the basis of cognac will allow to achieve excellent results quickly. The most important is to carry out procedures regularly, at least two times a week.

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