How to use color hairspray

How to use color hairspray

Hairstyles with multi-colored locks add to image of extravagance. Color hairspray will suit fans of experiments which do not want to paint hair paint, but at the same time wish to stand out from the crowd. This means will give to hair for a while the necessary coloring and also will fix them.

Use of color varnish

Now produce coloring varnish of the most unexpected flowers. Best of all these colors are visible when putting varnish on light curls. Blondes can quickly change, using violet, yellow, blue, green or pink hairspray. Bright locks are relevant when holding photoshoots and creations of images to fancy-dress party. For these purposes such varnish is also used most often. Though it is possible to use color varnish and in daily occurrence, then you will precisely stand out from the crowd.

Brown-haired women and brunettes can use color varnish too, only on their hair it will look less brightly. On dark hair varnish of black color effectively looks - apply it on separate locks, creating illusion of the return highlighting. It is possible to spray varnish and on all hairstyle.

Color varnish for festive hairstyles

Color varnish with spangles - ideal option for creation of festive hairstyle. Such varnish equally favourably looks both on dark head of hear, and on light. Very effectively the combination of spangles to the hairpins or hairpins decorated with rhinestones looks. Only consider that when drawing spangle from aerosol will scatter extensively, they will get on clothes, skin, surrounding objects. Literally everything will begin to shine around!

Rules of use of color varnish

Before using hairspray, the barrel is required to be stirred up. The distance from bottle with means to hair has to make about 25-30 cm. At the same time it is required to be held vertically. Before coloring of the light or decoloured hair it is previously necessary to carry out the test for rinsability of varnish. To paint only a few locks, without having touched other hair, it is possible to make simple adaptation independently: tear off piece of food wrap or foil more than length of your hair long, scissors cut out small opening that the lock there easily entered in upper part. Pass hair throughout opening, evenly distribute on foil and paint varnish, wait couple of seconds, remove foil and paint other locks by the same principle.

Pluses and minuses of use of color varnish

Color varnish is safe for hair, it does not injure them, of course, if not to abuse of the Lock it is possible to paint in different order therefore it is possible to create many interesting hairstyles for any case. Palette of the painting varnishes rather wide, it is very simple to pick up color of varnish which will look on hair most successfully. Varnish unlike coloring paints and balms has short-lived effect, therefore, it is possible though every day to create new image by means of color hairspray. Means easily by means of shampoo is washed away. It will become possible to rinse after such varnish hair the water acidified by vinegar, then they are softer. More than a day you should not carry the varnished hairstyle, as well as in case with the usual fixing varnishes, hair need to allow to have a rest from chemical means. From shortcomings it is possible to allocate the fact that after coloring means there is rough raid which does hair unpleasant to the touch and rigid. However, such effect is observed after use of any varnish, not only color. Besides, dark varnish during bad weather can begin to flow, having soiled the person.

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