How to use concealer

How to use concealer

The concealer represents cosmetic of liquid texture for correction of zone around eyes. It well copes with bruises and pigmental spots in this area, however can emphasize mimic wrinkles. That is why it is important to put and distribute correctly it on skin.

How to pick up concealer

Today there is wide choice of concealers of various brands. The main objective of the consumer is to pick up concealer of shade, suitable to skin. Then this means will be able as much as possible will cope with the task on corrections of zone around eyes. Experienced makeup artists advise to select concealer of yellowish shades for masking of the circles under eyes having violet shade and salmon or apricot – for skin with bluish shade. And brown circles mask concealers of pinkish tones better.

Technology of drawing concealer

Before drawing concealer it is important to prepare skin around eyes as in this place it is especially thin and gentle. If not to make it, skin will absorb in itself all moisture from concealer, having left absolutely dry texture emphasizing all mimic wrinkles.

That it has not occurred, apply to skin around eyes, including internal corners, translucent base under concealer. After that distribute on the same site the soft moisturizing foundation fingertips or special sponge. If necessary collect residues of foundation by the clean party of sponge. The last resort will help to reduce quantity of concealer that is very important for receiving natural make-up. Begin to put concealer with from internal corner of eye towards nose bridge, then up and down. After that blot the drawn lines with butiblender or clean fingertips, without pounding them. Then put concealer from external corner of eye towards temples. Again blot the drawn line with butiblender. After that distribute the concealer remains on skin under eyes, coming for zone borders around eyes a little. Blot means on this site butiblendery with easy movements. You should not have any pronounced spots or roughnesses. As the concealer has liquid texture, it does not stick to skin, so can gather in wrinkles during mimicry. Light friable powder of shade, suitable to your skin, will help to fix it. Take a little powder on brush for shading and apply it with easy movements on those places where there is concealer. At the same time, it is necessary to go a little beyond zone around eyes that clear boundary in make-up was not visible. During the day it is better to adjust concealer also friable powder. However if there is no such opportunity, it is possible to use usual compact powder.

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