How to use craquelure

How to use craquelure

Varnish with effect of craquelure from extremely fashionable novelty has turned into constant component of collections of many brands. He is capable to create various drawings – from thin cracks to wide strips and certain islands on contrast background. It is possible to acquire ready set of the cracking covering and basis, but it is much more interesting to pick up such couple independently. Anyway this unusual manicure needs to be tried at least once – your hands will definitely not remain unnoticed.

It is required to you

  • - varnish basis;
  • - varnish craquelure;
  • - upper covering.


1. Choose varnish basis and craquelure which is put over it. Most beautifully contrast options – black grid on gold background, white – on blue or red, violet – on silvery, dark green - on citreous look. Consider that craquelures of different brands give various effect. The covering can lay down the thinnest grid of cracks or wide longitudinal strips of irregular shape, acquire the drawing of "leopard skin" or the stains reminding the map.

2. Manicurists have noticed that the same craquelure gives different effect on various bases. Varnish-enamel, metallic, glitter or jelly changes the nature of the upper cracking covering. Therefore before applying it on nails, it is better to experiment on plastic tipsa. Try different options of basis and choose that which will seem to you the most attractive.

3. It is better for beginners to begin with ready sets of two contrast shades. The craquelure needs to be applied on faultlessly well-groomed nails with the humidified cuticle – otherwise instead of extravagant manicure you risk to receive "hands of the bum". Apply basic varnish on nails and dry it.

4. Start drawing craquelure. If you the right-handed person, begin coloring with the right hand – so you will be able to achieve identical effect on all fingers. Quickly apply covering on nail with thin even layer. For a start process only one finger. Drying, varnish will begin to burst. Estimate the gained effect. If cracks have turned out too thin, it is necessary to put thicker layer of craquelure. If they are not enough, put covering with the second layer.

5. Having chosen suitable option, cover with craquelure all nails. Wait for full drying in the natural way – the additional drying resources are not recommended to be applied. From above it is necessary to put upper covering. Choose means with opaque or glossy effect – it will give to manicure the finished look and will protect it from chips. Varnish with craquelure keeps about four days then it needs to be removed as it will begin to take untidy form.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team