How to use dry shampoo without harm for hair

How to use dry shampoo without harm for hair

When it is urgently necessary to wash the head, but there is no opportunity, will help out dry shampoo. How it is correct to use it not to do much harm to hair, than so attracts this means whether it suits all?

Means in the form of spray has appeared on counters of shops and became popular product for clarification of head skin. At different producers the structures differ, but generally they use talc, rice or cornmeal, cosmetic clay, essential oils, coumarin, vitamins and other components. Shampoo absorbs surplus of skin fat on the head and gives to hair pleasant smell.

How to use dry shampoo not to do much harm to skin and hair

- Spray remedy at distance of 20-30 cm for head skin.

- Do not fill up all head, distribute in the small portions.

- Comb out residues of shampoo hairbrush.

- Do not overload hair, use spray at most 2 times a week.

Advantages of dry shampoo

- Express clarification. There are situations when there is no time to wash the head, you have cut off water supply, on the way or just laziness, and it is necessary to look podobayushche.

- Saving of time. You are late for meeting, have overslept for work, hair stale are unexpectedly invited to appointment, and.

- Radical volume. Shampoo works as laying means: when drawing on roots the hairstyle and locks are fixed. 

- Protection of color after coloring. If you wash the head every day, classical shampoo gradually washes away paint. Dry shampoo does not affect quality of color therefore it can be alternated to usual.

- Gives rest to hair from the hair dryer. Hot influence of the hair dryer is not really useful for head skin and hair, especially if you use it every day. Arrange break and put in order the head dry shampoo.

- Minimum flow. There is enough bottle of usual shampoo minimum for month, and dry will serve much longer.

Shortcomings of dry shampoo

As any cosmetic product, at dry shampoo has minuses:

- Does not refresh hair if gels, varnishes, oils and other laying means are applied on them. Sorbents as a part of shampoo cope only with easy pollution.

- At frequent use, hair split, time is hammered, head skin is overdried.

- At plentiful spraying the means remains in the form of white powder are noticeable, it looks not really priglyadno on dark hair. But producers have found way out and began to produce dry shampoos for brunettes and brown-haired women.

Now shops offer at choice dry shampoos for any type of hair. There are options with the maintenance of UV filters restoring, strengthening, keeping hair color, matting, etc. Manufacturers produce shampoos in different volumes for convenience of buyers. The product is really relevant presently: saves in unforeseen situations and does not harm hair. The main thing is attentive to read structure and to use according to the instruction.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team