How to use electroepilator

How to use electroepilator

Removal of hair by means of electroepilator is considered one of the most effective care methods for body. That the procedure was painless as much as possible, it is important to carry out it correctly.

It is required to you

  • - electroepilator
  • - body cream


1. To depilate undesirable body, get electroepilator. This device rather expensive, but its purchase will save you from need of acquisition of consumables for house epilation wax or visits of beauty shop. From material particle of sight its use more than is justified. It is very simple to use the device. It is rather compact therefore you will be able to take it in travel.

2. Use electroepilator as often as it is necessary. At the same time consider that holding procedure is possible only when length of the grown hair is not less than 3-5 millimeters. The principle of operation of the device is based on grab of hairs by set of the rotating tweezers. If bristles are too short, to remove them it will not turn out.

3. Before holding procedure take warm shower and process leather srub. Steaming facilitates removal of hair and does process by less painful. Application of srub allows to get rid of problem of growing of bristles and also facilitates their removal.

4. Pick up the most convenient operating mode of the device, being guided by own feelings. The procedure will be less painful if you drive epilator on body smoothly, accurately processing each site. You can pull slightly skin before processing. It will facilitate process of epilation.

5. Do not use electroepilator for removal of hair in armpits and bikini if you possess the underestimated pain threshold. Skin there very sensitive therefore for data processing of areas it is possible to pick up more sparing methods. As a last resort, you can wipe skin with the anesthetizing solution.

6. To lower pain, wipe skin with ice cube. Before holding procedure do not take alcohol and coffee. It can lead to expansion of vessels and, as a result, strengthening of unpleasant feelings during epilation.

7. Upon termination of holding procedure grease the skin with the moisturizing cream. After removal of hair be not fond of suntan. It is possible to sunbathe in the sun and in sunbed only 24 hours later.

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