How to use electrohair curlers

How to use electrohair curlers

Modern electrohair curlers – the irreplaceable assistant for women who would like to look every day attractively. Thanks to such adaptation the laying of hairstyle before work, business meeting or appointment will not take away a lot of time. By means of electrohair curlers you will be able to create romantic waves or elastic curls in only 10-15 minutes.

It is required to you

  • - electrohair curlers;
  • - ;
  • - towel;
  • - hair dryer;
  • - styling sprays;
  • - round hairbrush;
  • - hairbrush with the thin long handle;
  • - hairpins or clips for hair;
  • - 1 or 2 mirrors.


  1. Before using electrohair curlers, it is recommended to wash up the head with the conditioner. Thanks to it hair will be more pliable and obedient for laying. Then it is necessary to dry locks by means of the hair dryer.
  2. Electric hair curlers are used as well as usual, however at the same time it is not required neither to sleep with them, nor to heat them in water. Shortly before laying of hairstyle connect electrohair curlers to the socket, having given them the chance to heat up to the necessary temperature. As a rule, this process takes 10-15 minutes, but some models are capable to heat up quicker, in 3–5 minutes. Many manufacturers equip such hair curlers with the bulb indicator allowing to define whether these products are ready to application.
  3. While electrohair curlers heat up, it is necessary to apply on locks necessary means for laying. It can be means for the radical volume of hair, thermoprotection or the fixing means - skin, gel or mousse, promoting longer preservation of curls or waves.
  4. Then it is necessary to divide hair into locks by means of hairbrush with the thin long handle. To begin to wind locks follows from occipital part, and then on each side. It is the best of all to twist the locks framing face and bang in the last turn. It is necessary to separate thin locks, they will not easier be wound and will not break up and curls will look more beautifully.
  5. Having separated lock, it is necessary to comb it and to wind from tips to roots on electrohair curlers. Special attention needs to be paid to lock tips. It is necessary to wind them accurately, otherwise the curl will look zalomanny that will spoil the created hairstyle. Fixing hair curlers, it is necessary to hold lock that it has not slid off.
  6. It is possible to wind hair by means of electrohair curlers in different ways: from itself, to itself, at all length or to twist only tips. Besides, hair curlers of small diameter can be applied to the lower locks, and big – for upper, etc. Winding locks, it is necessary to watch that width of curl has not exceeded diameter of hair curlers, otherwise to make accurate wave it will not turn out.
  7. Then it is required to record electric hair curlers by means of the special hairpins, clips or clips which are included in the package. Thanks to it curls will begin to keep the form long. Clip-on earrings and clips need to be unclenched in the beginning, and then to clasp, having fixed lock on hair curlers. The hairpin should be passed carefully through lock, making the movement up-down. It is necessary to make it towards roots, i.e. in the same direction in which hair have been twirled. Thanks to it the hairpin will not drop out and will become stronger to keep.
  8. Having recorded electrohair curlers, it is necessary to wait 10-20 minutes, depending on what effect wants to be gained and how many is available free time. After that it is necessary to remove accurately hair curlers then accurately to shake up curls finger-tips. Now it is possible to enjoy smart laying.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team