How to use eye shadow

How to use eye shadow

The make-up of eyes can favourably emphasize beauty of the person. For this reason many girls and women pay it special attention. One of favourite options of make-up of eyes is shooters.


  1. In order that to draw beautiful shooters, not only the training, but also knowledge of features of the person and section of eyes, good cosmetics is necessary. Examples of successful arrows can be copied from photos.
  2. The classical arrow is average thickness the line which is thickened at outer edge of eye. Its end is pointed and directed to temple. There are many modifications of such arrow, however it is the best of all to study on classical option - it goes practically all.
  3. Before drawing arrow, powder eyelid - so the make-up will hold on longer. Then delay eyelid a little to straighten fold, and begin to draw arrow in the area of eyelashes. You do not aim to draw the flat line at once - it not always turns out even at professionals. You put short strokes, and then trace space between them. The portrayal of tip of arrow can become difficulty - if it is made incorrectly, the look will turn out ugly. It is considered that ideal tip of arrow - that which continues the line of lower eyelid.
  4. Also the type of arrow depends on what you will draw it. It can be shadows, pencil, eyeliner (liquid and gel). If the line is necessary wide and indistinct, it is better to draw it shadows - it will be so easier to shade. It is necessary to put eyeliner with shadows thin dense damp brush that the line has turned out brighter. Pencil - great option for daily make-up. The line turns out accurate, but at the same time not too aggressive. The eyeliner is classical tool for drawing of arrows. The line turns out accurate, bright, accurate and long is not greased.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team