How to use foil for nails

How to use foil for nails

The fashion dictates all the rules therefore recently many young ladies consider usual manicure uninteresting and boring, fashionistas prefer quite radical options of design of nails. Magnificence manicure can give with the help rhinestone, tapes, spangles and even foil.


  1. It is possible to experiment with design of nails as much as necessary, using foil of different color. It promotes creation of certain image. Especially unusually the design with silvery or golden foil looks, it is possible to take nacreous varnish as basis.
  2. Warm shades of matt or nacreous lacquer will be perfectly combined with gold foil, cold shades with silver foil. However for creation of magnificent manicure the tube with acrylic paint, manicure stick, tweezers and the fixing means which, in principle, can be replaced with usual transparent varnish is necessary.
  3. First of all carefully saw round edges of nail plates, then give them the necessary form. If you have artificial nails, then polish surface, and then polish. After that degrease liquid for removal of varnish or spirit solution the surface of nail.
  4. Then put basic layer of the chosen nacreous or matt lacquer with one layer, leave before full drying, put one more layer of the same varnish in order that the surface has gained more saturated color. Young ladies with artificial nails should watch that faces of nails have been evenly painted by varnish, otherwise manicure will have untidy appearance.
  5. Take tweezers small piece of foil, apply it to edge of nail plate obliquely or directly, level foil careful movements, try not to tear it. For convenience use manicure stick, hold with it edge of foil, and then accurately remove surplus with nozhnichka. For artificial nails leave 1-2 mm of foil to process faces of nails.
  6. The edge of foil on the surface of nail can tear therefore fix it by acrylic paint: draw Kosaya liniya on border of nail and foil paint, at the same time occupying both regions of foil, and edge of nail plate. It is necessary to leave paint before full drying.
  7. Now it is possible to process in the same way or completely each nail plate, or to draw ornament on free part of nail, it is also possible to decorate with rhinestones. Set result by special means or transparent varnish. It is better to put two layers - it will prolong life to ready masterpiece.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team