How to use gel polish for nails

How to use gel polish for nails

To apply on nails gel polish not so difficult as it seems. It is necessary just to observe certain sequence of covering of nail excipients. Having remembered rules of putting gel polish, it is possible to make manicure of saloon quality and to save money.

  • Scissors for manicure;
  • Nippers for work with cuticle;
  • Orange stick;
  • Nail file;
  • Alcohol or means for varnish removal;
  • Primer;
  • Bonder;
  • Ultra-violet lamp with power not less than 36 W (W);
  • Basis for gel polish;
  • Top;
  • Klinser;

1. Preparation the nogteystandartny procedure for any manicure. By means of scissors for manicure and nail file it is necessary to modify length and shape of nails. After that to remove cuticle. Experts recommend to process nails fine-grained nail buffer (volume nail file which is used for polish and grinding of nail, most often the nail buffer is made in the form of bar).

2. Causing base Nails needs to be degreased alcohol or special means for varnish removal. After nails dry, to put primer (the fastening means, it is necessary that varnish did not peel off) and bonder (serves as primer, protects and protects the surface of nail). The primer dries without extras (on air). After drying of primer and drawing thin group of bonder, nails need to be dried at pro-power of ultra-violet lamp (time of drying of 1 min.). Power of lamp has to be not less than 36 W (W). The basis for gel polish is put (it is often called base). The basis links color gel polish to nail plate. The basis needs to be applied evenly on nail and to dry layer under ultra-violet lamp (the instruction for drying is specified on bottle).

3. Drawing gel-lakapered use of varnish it needs to be shaken up. Varnish is applied on nails in three layers. Layers have to be very thin. Each layer needs to be dried under ultra-violet lamp (to put 1 layer, to dry up, put the 2nd layer, to dry up, put the 3rd layer, to dry up). Avoid hit of varnish on skin. If it happened, then varnish can be removed by means of orange stick.

4. Varnish fixing After varnish has dried, fixer is applied (often call top or top). Fixer needs to be dried under ultra-violet lamp. After drying on nail the sticky layer is formed, it needs to be removed by means of klinser (special liquid for degreasing of nails).

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team