How to use grape skin oil

How to use grape skin oil

Grape oil - universal remedy as is suitable for any type of skin. Besides, also the fact that that it is well absorbed, without leaving on skin of greasy luster is important. In house conditions it is possible to prepare masks on the basis of oil of grape seeds which will help to keep health and beauty of skin.

Useful properties of oil of grape seeds

Grape oil is really to well of useful fatty acids. Besides, it is rich with tannins, vitamins A, B, C, PP, chlorophyll, proteins and also micro and macrocells.

Oil of grape seeds promotes effective decrease in level of skin oiliness, narrowing of time, mitigation and moistening, increase in elasticity and elasticity of skin. In addition, this means possesses the fine tonic, refreshing and disinfecting action.

Masks on the basis of oil of grape seeds

To prepare mask for normal skin, in equal proportions mix grape and almond oils. In the received mix moisten napkin and put on face. In 20-30 minutes remove means by means of cotton tampon. Do not wash after this procedure only at all, otherwise you will wash away the protective film created by oil. Will help to smooth skin and to get rid of small wrinkles mask from the 1st teaspoon of grape oil and 5-7 drops of oil of mint. Wipe with this means skin not less than 1-2 times a day. For preparation of mask for dry face skin, it is required to you: - 1 tablespoon of oil of grape seeds; - 1 drop of camomile oil; - 2 drops of santalaceous oil; - 2 drops of oil ylang-ylang; - 1 drop of the kayaput. Carefully mix all components and even layer apply to skin. You hold within 15 minutes then wash warm water. From oil of grape seeds it is possible to prepare also the rejuvenating face pack. For this purpose connect oil of grape seeds to jojoba oil in the ratio 1:1, add to them 2 drops of pink and lemon oils, mix everything and warm up mix on water bath. Apply structure to skin and you hold about 20-30 minutes then wash away cool water. Repeat the procedure 1-2 times a week. Oil of grape seeds does not burn skin therefore you can use it and in pure form. Besides, it not only perfectly fights against aging and acne rash, but also with cellulitis. For this purpose 2-3 times a week you apply means on problem sites of skin and you hold within 20-30 minutes, previously having wrapped up with polyethylene film. finish the procedure contrast shower. Regular foot baths with addition of grape oil promote relaxation and also help to get rid of the increased perspiration and dryness of skin standing.

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