How to use hair curlers boomerangs

How to use hair curlers boomerangs

Hair curlers boomerangs draw attention of the with unusual look: color soft sticks of various length and diameter. They allow to receive both small curls, and large curls. Advantage of boomerangs is that it is possible to sleep with them, without being afraid to get in the morning neck pain and breaks on hair.

It is required to you

  • - mousse or foam for creation of curls;
  • - hairbrush;
  • - hairspray.


  1. Wash up and dry up hair. You should not twist moist hair since they at the same time stretch and damaged on hair curlers. In order that curls kept longer before drying up hair, apply on them mousse or foam for creation of curls.
  2. Take hair curlers. Select length of boomerangs and their diameter depending on length of your hair and the expected result. The hair are longer, the more long there have to be boomerangs. Long hair curlers can be used also when you want to wind wide locks of hair. Choose the minimum diameter of hair curlers (12-13 mm) in case you want to receive curls as at Pushkin. Large diameter is necessary for receiving curls (30 mm and more).
  3. Take lock of hair, comb hairbrush. Turn it several times round its pivot-center in order that the leaky flagellum has turned out. It is necessary for giving to hair of additional volume.
  4. Holding flagellum from hair for tip, wind it on the middle of boomerang. It is possible to twist hair both from roots, and from the ends. You watch that the tip of flagellum was not beaten out from the hair twirled on hair curlers.
  5. Bend the ends of boomerang upward and to the middle. At you kalachik has to turn out. If your hair curlers have fastener, then push one end in another that the ring has turned out.
  6. Wind other hair the same way. Follow from the top to nape, then to temples and to forehead. Kalachika have horizontally.
  7. After all hair are wound, sprinkle them varnish.
  8. In 2 hours accurately remove hair curlers. Divide locks hands. If you do not need hard ringlets, then accurately comb hair also hands. Smooth excessive fluffiness of hair wax. For fixing of curls apply varnish on length of hair.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team