How to use honey in bath

How to use honey in bath

Numerous advantages and curative properties of honey are known since the most ancient times. In Russia this miracle of the nature was not only favourite delicacy, but also was widely used for treatment of many diseases and also for rejuvenation. As the good sudorific promoting removal of toxins from organism, moisturizing and vitaminizing the skin, honey has found application in traditional Russian bath.

It is required to you

  • - honey;
  • - sea salt;
  • - oat flakes;
  • - aloe juice.


1. You can apply honey in bath in three ways: to accept inside with herbal tea, fruit drink, sbiten or kvass as inhalant and also as srub or cream.

2. To achieve the necessary effect, use only the real honey - flower, lime or buckwheat. For upper airways the best is lime, with addition of marjoram and thyme. For strengthening of heart – have tea with honey on the basis of mint and lavender. Buckwheat best of all helps at anemia and diseases of kidneys and liver. For skin care – pay attention to white honey which has the pronounced calming and antibacterial properties.

3. Before taking honey in bath, be convinced that you have on it no allergic reactions. Also do not recommend to use this means when at the person the cough was played and, especially, when body temperature is increased. However, in such state in general it is impossible to go to bath.

4. To prepare body scrub with honey and salt, take about 50-100 g of salt and 15-30 g (one-two tablespoons) of honey. Salt is necessary cooking or small sea.

5. Put the container with honey (it is better if it is ceramic ware since enameled strongly it is warmed) closer to the oven that it has a little heated up. Strong heating cannot be allowed. Then mix honey with salt. It is necessary to do it gradually: take portion of salt, put in honey, wait when salt a little accumulates, and add still.

6. While honey is heated, take a steam bath a little in bath without broom, minutes 5-10 that time has opened. Then leave and be rinsed with warm water.

7. The second time partes with birch broom. Leave, have a rest, drink curative tea with honey and herbs, lime color.

8. When you get warm on the shelf, begin to grease body with honey and hydrochloric mix. It is necessary to do it carefully, soft circular motions - so that not to injure skin. During this procedure the coarsened parts of skin will peel. Wait until honey weight is absorbed, and then wash away warm water. You will feel that skin after such procedure will become elastic, soft and velvety.

9. It is possible to strengthen effect of honey by means of essential oil. Oils of eucalyptus, sage, juniper, fir, fir-tree, orange or tangerine are always applied to bath.

10. It is possible to do srub honey and oat. For its preparation process "oat-flakes" and mix with honey. You apply this mix to the steamed-out skin.

11. By the way, for face skin it is possible to prepare separate mix from honey and juice of aloe: put it on face when you are in sweating room for about 15 minutes.

12. If you add propolis to honey and will put the container with mix on stones, its couples will favorably influence airways.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team