How to use honey in preparation of face packs

How to use honey in preparation of face packs

Honey - the natural natural means having many useful properties. Besides, as a part of honey there are irreplaceable elements helping to change gentle face skin.

In the modern world huge number of different masks, they contain various ingredients. Honey - one of the most widespread products at preparation of nutritious face packs. 

Honey - the product created by the nature. It is completely acquired by human body that does it by invaluable source of useful microelements, which as a part of this wonderful product more than three hundred. Among them:

  • B1 vitamin - provides maintenance of activity of skin and its healthy look.
  • B2 vitamin - allows to protect gentle face skin from free radicals who the modern medicine blames not only for aging of integument, but also for appearance of oncological diseases, and even for infertility.
  • B6 vitamin - works together with B2 vitamin, providing youth of skin and its shining look.
  • B3 vitamin - one of the most useful microelements revitalizing skin cells and preventing appearance of pimples.

As it is possible to see, the structure of honey is very rich that does it by irreplaceable component of nutritious masks for face skin.

It will be necessary for us:

  • honey (10 ml)
  • egg yolk (1 piece)

Such mask will suit people with dry skin. Mix ingredients in superficial capacity to homogeneous mass, put it on face. Avoid hit in eyes and on area of lips. We recommend to apply mask to skin massage movements, being in prone position. Take mix on face half an hour, then wash away warm water without the additional cleaning resources. 

It will be necessary for us:

  • honey (5 ml)
  • aspirin (5 tablets)
  • water (5 ml)

Such mask will be useful to people who are often disturbed by various rashes on face, for example, pimples or eels. It will approach and in fight against black dots.

Aspirin as a part of mask will allow to dry skin and to help with disposal of rashes. Tablets of aspirin need to be pounded and mixed with the above-stated amount of water that the turned-out powder completely was dissolved. We add honey to the received liquid. We put mask on face and we hold until you feel burning or tightness of skin. After that mix needs to be washed away, and to put the moisturizing cream on face.

It will be necessary for us:

  • honey (10 ml)
  • olive oil of cold extraction (10 ml)
  • green acid apple (30 g)

Acid apple needs to be grated on small grater, previously having peeled it. Honey is warmed up on water bath that it became more liquid. Gradually adding oil, to mix honey and apple that homogeneous mass has turned out. Such mask can be put on face, neck and zone of decollete. It is necessary to hold mix on skin before drying up, then to remove by means of warm water and sponge.

It will be necessary for us:

  • honey (30 ml)
  • lemon (1/2 pieces)

At preparation of this mask it is also recommended to use linseed oil (5 ml), but it is possible to do also without it. 

The lemon is peeled and we crush in the blender to gruel. We add to it honey and if have decided to use, linseed oil. Musk is recommended to put with massage movements, avoiding at the same time the damaged sites of skin and hit of mix on lips and eyes. It is necessary to hold mask on face no more than 15 minutes then to wash away and apply the moisturizing cream. Moistening in this case will allow to get rid of peresushivaniye because of availability as a part of mask of lemon juice.

It is required to us:

  • Sour cream of at least 30% of fat content (50 ml)
  • Honey (20 ml)
  • Oat flakes (20 gr)
  • The moisturizing or nutritious face cream (10 ml)

This mask allows to moisturize effectively the skin, besides, it serves as soft srub at the expense of oat flakes which need previously to be crushed in the blender. To add other ingredients to the turned-out powder and to mix carefully. To put mix on face massage movements that process of peeling of the keratosic cages has gone. It is necessary to wash away in 10-15 minutes, if necessary it is possible to use sponge. 

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team