How to use honey in the cosmetic purposes

How to use honey in the cosmetic purposes

Honey is well of useful substances. It contains vitamins of group B and C, microelements, glucose, carotene, mineral salts and even natural antibiotics. If in the winter honey is more often used as cold medicine, then in the rest of the time of year it with ease will be located among cosmetics.


1. Cleopatra used honey as cosmetic. Adding half-glass of honey and 2 glasses of milk to warm water for bathtub, she managed to achieve such velvet skin about which legends still go. Large amount of water as a part of honey promotes deep moisturizing of skin. The vitamins which are contained in it feed, tone up and slow down aging processes. And natural antibiotics possess the healing and bactericidal action.

2. Preparation of honey masks will require natural fresh honey. Doing such masks few times in week, you will notice positive effect in month. If you have normal skin, mix 40 g of honey, 100 g of flour and 1 egg white. Well mix all ingredients, apply the received mix to the cleaned face skin and wash away in 15 minutes. After this mask, skin will become soft and silky.

3. Mix teaspoon of cottage cheese and kefir, add half of teaspoon of honey. Carefully mix, put on face and leave for 15 minutes. Such mask will be suitable for dry skin, it will deeply humidify it and will save from peelings. Also with its help it is possible to bleach face a little. Owners of oily skin will suit mask from the beaten egg white, to pulp of apple and teaspoon of honey. It will narrow pores, having reduced greasy luster. It is necessary to hold it on face 20 minutes.

4. By means of honey it is quite real to get rid of excess pigmentation on skin (freckles, post-acne, etc.). For this purpose it is necessary to mix 2 tablespoons of honey with lemon juice. That it was more convenient to put the received mix on face, impregnate with it cotton pads or piece of bandage. The effective remedy from wrinkles will turn out if to mix equal parts of honey, white clay and olive oil.

5. Crush almonds in the blender and mix with honey, you receive natural srub which will be suitable both for body, and for the person. Fans of bath and sauna can suit real Spa procedure. Steam out skin in sweating room and put the warmed-up honey on face, zone of decollete and body. In 20 minutes wash away everything cool water. Skin will become smooth, silky and gentle.

6. Honey massage on the steamed-out skin of hips and buttocks at regular carrying out is capable to reduce manifestations of cellulitis considerably. Apply honey on palms and body with thin layer, then the patting movements walk on all problem zones. Press hands as it is possible stronger and tear off them sharp movements. It is necessary to carry out the procedure no more than 10 minutes. Painful feelings – the normal phenomenon.

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