How to use hyaluronic acid

How to use hyaluronic acid

Such medicine as hyaluronic acid is applied mainly in beauty shops. However not all have means for visit of cosmetology offices. Therefore now hyaluronic acid was made available to skin care in house conditions.

It is required to you

  • Low-molecular hyaluronic acid (0.8-2.0), allantoin, hydrolat of not role, linden hydrolat, dekspantenol.


1. Hyaluronic acid is the best means for skin moistening. There are two types of hyaluronic acid: low-molecular and high-molecular. The first moisturizes the skin from within, in the second promotes education on its surface of special reticulum which does not allow moisture to evaporate. For use in house conditions you need low-molecular hyaluronic acid. It is on sale in the form of powder or ampoules. Advantage of this type of acid is that it not just lies on the surface of skin, and works in its deep layers.

2. Independent preparation of serum with hyaluronic acid does not take a lot of time. In the beginning mix 15 ml of hydrolat of not role and 10 ml of water of flowers of linden. In this water dissolve 0.2 g of low-molecular hyaluronic acid (0.8-2.0), 0.2 of of allantoin and 0.8 ml of dekspantenol. Shake up all ingredients the mixer to homogeneous mass. On consistence serum can remind gel or jelly. Full dissolution of ingredients will require some minutes.

3. There is one more option of preparation of serum with the same components. In the beginning dissolve allantoin and hyaluronic acid in the dekspantenol. For convenience of substance it is possible to pound glass stick. After that pour in the warmed-up aromatic water in mix. And in conclusion shake up all components the mini-mixer that homogeneous gel mass has turned out. Temperature of the warmed-up aromatic water has to be no more +40os.

4. Fill in ready serum in clean jar or special bottle and you store in the cool place. Period of storage - no more than 10-14 days. Often the period of storage depends on use gigiyenichnost. Therefore ideally use vacuum dispenser.

5. The prepared serum possesses the action excellent moistening, softening and regenerating. Besides it protects skin from harmful effects of the environment. You apply hyaluronic serum only to the cleaned skin. After it is absorbed, can use the usual cream. It is especially relevant if after serum you feel skin tightening.

6. You apply serum pointwise: on nasolabial folds, on forehead. It is possible to put it on all face also. In cold season it is not necessary to use serum shortly before exit to the street. At low temperature water which means keeps in leather will freeze. And it in, the turn, will cause irritation and peeling of skin. Therefore use serum for the night better.

7. Apply hyaluronic serum not all the time, and only courses. So skin itself will try to produce collagen, but not to get used to its receipt from the outside. It is possible to apply serum under cream within 15 days, and then to take break. It is also possible to apply it under masks 1-2 times a week.

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