How to use in hairstyles crest for hair

How to use in hairstyles crest for hair

Use of beautiful accessories allows to give even to the simplest hairstyle highlight. In recent years again crests for hair become fashionable, and it is possible to choose them both for daily hairstyle, and for creation of festive image.

Crests are convenient for hair that it is possible to pin up them in hair without someone's help. Today these accessories choose for decoration of hairstyles and the Hollywood stars, the benefit the wide range allows to find the product corresponding to specific style. It is known that crests for hair were used not only in Russia, these products often chose as wedding ornament in India, they were carried also by geishas.

Crest for hair in hairstyle

It is possible to give preference to classical crest with the minimum quantity of decorative elements, popular vintage objects and accessories with rhinestones, carving. It is the simplest to do hair with crest if hair long or at least average length. Depending on density of head of hear, it is worth getting crest with rare cloves or frequent. Also length of the fixing elements matters.

To do hair, using crest for registration, it is necessary to create shell from nape hair, having fixed it by crest and hairpins. It is possible to leave separate locks and to tighten up them the curling iron. It is desirable to level at hair dressing them the iron or to apply special means to straightening of curls. It is possible to fix crest, having let hair down, accessory it is necessary to pick up several locks and to record them from one side. Unusually hairstyles with difficult weaving look, braids are also fixed by decorative crests.

Original hairstyles with crests

The idea of use of two identical crests in hairstyle will be suitable at once for young girls. For this purpose it is necessary to divide hair on hair parting into two parts and to twirl them in two bunches, having decorated with comb. Creatively crests for hair with chains look, it is possible to find many ways of use of accessory of this kind. Attractively also the combs stylized under the ancient jewelry painted in bronze color under platinum look. It is worth getting also crests with coquettish bows. And products with stones can resemble wedding diadems. Distinguished accessories with pearls, lace need to be chosen for evening hairstyles. It is possible to choose for decoration of hairstyle both functional combs, and decorative. Wooden crests, metal, plastic will be suitable for creation of image. If you care for condition of the hair, give preference to natural materials accessories.

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