How to use mask

How to use mask

It is beautiful to put on each woman wants. But so there is a wish that not only clothes, but also our skin were beautiful. To achieve it and also to load gentle and sensitive women's skin not so difficult as at first can seem. It is necessary to adhere to some recommendations only.


1. Observe the correct diet, ensure healthy full-fledged sleep, play sports. Also it is recommended to happen more in the fresh air, especially outdoors far from the city. And one more council – use masks on the basis of natural products that your skin was tightened and healthy.

2. In use of masks there is nothing difficult. Generally the mask is put on face, for some time on it remains then it is washed away. It is possible to prepare mask from many products.

3. Masks which are preparing on the basis of various fruit, for example, of apples, peaches, kiwi, bananas, and citrus are quite effective. Masks on citrus basis are especially effective.

4. Are very useful to mask skin, prepared from oatmeal. Take usual oat-flakes and its peremolita by means of the coffee grinder. Further fill in the processed oat-flakes with warm water, mix before receiving homogeneous mass and put it on face.

5. The mask on the basis of honey and cottage cheese renders just miracle effect. And here clean honey for masks is not recommended to be used extremely because it can lead to extension of face skin because of the viscosity.

6. Masks from vegetables are quite effective too. For preparation of vegetable masks it is possible to take any vegetables, such as carrots, cucumbers, tomatoes, pumpkin, vegetable marrows, cabbage, eggplants and so on.

7. Egg – universal remedy. If to make mask on the basis of egg white, then such mask perfectly will be suitable for women with oily skin. And here the mask prepared on the basis of egg yolk will be suitable for dry skin. You without thoughts can add lemon juice, juice to any masks aloe, olive oil and also dairy products.

8. Fresh berries are quite often used for preparation of the masks tightening and nourishing skin too. Safely take currant, strawberry, honeysuckle, mespilus and do of them masks.

9. There is still such plant as parsley. And so, the mask on the basis of ground parsley will please you with positive result. Miss greens via the meat grinder, and then freeze, we will spread out in small molds for preparation of cubes of ice. Next morning before shower defreeze parsley and apply to skin. Such mask renders the cooling, tightening and cumulative rejuvenating effect.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team