How to use mustard for growth of hair

How to use mustard for growth of hair

Mustard is used in hair care long ago. This means effectively strengthens head of hear and accelerates growth of hair. In house conditions on the basis of mustard prepare remarkable masks for hair.

Features of use of mustard for hair

At hair care recommend to use mustard powder as purchased food mustard can contain harmful ingredients which will only do much harm to head of hear.

Apply masks from mustard on the polluted hair, that is before washing of the head. At the same time this procedure should be performed very accurately: mix should not get into eyes at all, otherwise unforgettable feelings are guaranteed.

In the course of preparation of mustard mask it is necessary to follow certain rules too. So, mustard powder cannot be parted with hot water as at the same time toxic substances are emitted. At cultivation of this powder it is better to use hardly warm water. Besides, the longer mustard mix infuses, the chemical components causing burning will be emitted more (such mask cannot simply be held on head skin). And risky to apply such rattling weight on radical system: it is possible to overdry head skin and to get dandruff.

Masks from mustard for growth of hair

The recipe of standard mask from the mustard stimulating growth of hair: - 1 tablespoons of mustard powder; - it is a little water. Powder is diluted with water before receiving not really dense, but homogeneous mass. This gruel is applied on radical system, held 5 minutes, and later washed away warm water with shampoo and apply balm on locks. Such procedure is recommended to do to not thicket of 1 time a week, at the same time it is better for owners of dry type of hair to refuse it (this mask is calculated for fat locks). For dry hair recommend to make the "delicacy" consisting of the following components: - 1 tablespoons of burdock, castor or almond oil; - 2 tsps of the softened butter; - 1 tsps of powder of mustard. Ingredients carefully mix, then apply the turned-out mix to head skin and leave for 17-20 minutes. Further wash away rattling weight with use of shampoo and balm. The similar procedure is carried out twice a week. Also cosmetic mix for which preparation take such products will help to accelerate growth of hair: - 2 yolks of eggs; - 1 tablespoons of juice of aloe; - 2 tablespoons of cognac; - 2 tsps of cream; - 1 tablespoons of powder of mustard. Yolks are slightly shaken up, then here add juice, cognac, mustard powder and cream. Components carefully mix. Ready weight is applied on radical system, left for 18-20 minutes. Wash away mask warm water with shampoo, and later cover hair with balm.

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