How to use mustard for weight loss

How to use mustard for weight loss

– hot spice which is received from powder of mustard seeds. Recently it is applied not only in cookery, but also in cosmetology as means to weight loss.

Principle of effect of mustard

Mustard impacts to the prepared dish special relish and aroma. Even small amount of this seasoning has the warming effect and accelerates metabolism, at the expense of it excess calories in fatty tissue are spent quicker. One teaspoon of this seasoning accelerates metabolism and combustion of fat for 20-25%.

One more useful property of mustard is salutary impact on digestion. It stimulates formation of digestive juice and gives small laxative effect, thereby improving digestion. Besides, mustard helps organism to be peeled from slags.

With mustard diets it is necessary to be more careful as it has contraindications. Therefore before application it is necessary to consult with the doctor. In particular, people cannot use mustard with diseases of liver, GIT, kidneys, pneumonia of tuberculosis and the increased acidity. Also it is necessary to consider that abuse of mustard can cause allergic reactions.

Mustard bathtubs for weight loss

Mustard bathtubs improve blood circulation, clean organism from toxins and open skin pores. But before deciding on this procedure, it is necessary to check organism for availability or absence of allergy. Contraindications are inflammatory processes in organism, pregnancy, skin diseases, cardiovascular diseases and the period of lactation. Even if on mustard the allergy is not revealed, baths with it need to be taken carefully. It is necessary to stay in water exactly so much time how many it is specified in the recipe. It is strictly forbidden to lower the body in water, the area of heart has to be out of zone of effect of mustard. It is possible to take bath only in underwear.

Wrappings with mustard

Mustard wrappings are considered as very effective. Such procedure needs to be carried out courses till 10-15 of sessions with interval in 2-3 days. However before holding procedure it is necessary to make sure of absence of allergy likewise. Besides, be ready that during wrapping will burn down skin a little. Most often do mustard and honey wrappings. For preparation of mix part 2 tablespoons of mustard powder in warm water and add 3 tablespoons of liquid honey and 1 tablespoon of olive oil. Mix everything and apply on problem places of body for 20-30 minutes. From above wrap skin food wrap. During the session it is recommended to lay down under warm blanket or for strengthening of effect to do exercises. After the specified time wash away mix under warm shower. Under conditions of low-calorie diet and sufficient physical activity mustard is capable to lose weight considerably.

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