How to use nail gel

How to use nail gel

Today during creation of manicure nail gels are quite often used. Their advantages in comparison with usual varnishes are that they can save you from need constantly to tint and process nails on three – four weeks. Besides, such covering very thin therefore looks naturally, does not harm nail plate, and on the contrary, strengthens it.


1. It is quite simple to use nail gels. For a start process nails and leather around them. Remove cuticle and pterigiya. Then by means of special nail file or soft pumice remove luster from the surface of nail and put the degreasing means.

2. After preparation of nail plate apply thin film of basic gel basis and take nails under ultra-violet lamp within two minutes.

3. Now apply color gel in one layer. If you wish to make the French manicure, then at first make white "smiles" on tips of nails, and then apply gel of pink color. After that take gel under lamp again within three-four minutes.

4. If you want to make manicure with spangles, then apply transparent gel on the zone chosen by you and until it has dried up, accurately strew it with dry spangles. In order that they were distributed exactly, use the ordinary applicator for shadows (it has to be clean and dry) or plastic tubule for drinks, cut off at an angle. Gain small amount of spangles, and, tapping on the applicator or tubule, strew with them area with the applied transparent gel. Take nails under lamp about two minutes.

5. Now, without removing sticky layer from gel, put upper covering, attentively covering all free edges, otherwise the dried gel covering will just peel off. Take nails under lamp about two minutes, and then remove dispersive layer. For this purpose take clean sponge, apply on it special means and accurately carry out by him on nail in the direction from the nail basis to tip. Use clean sponge on each two-three nails, otherwise the surface of gel will not be glossy. Now apply oil on cuticle zone and let's it be absorbed.

6. Gel can be not removed within three weeks (the term depends on growth rate of nails). For removal it is necessary to apply special means on cotton pad, then to put it on nail, to wrap finger in foil and to place under ultra-violet lamp. In 10-15 minutes, gel will easily be cleaned off, and you will be able to apply it anew at once, without interruption.

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