How to use oils in cosmetics

How to use oils in cosmetics

Natural oils – one of the most irreplaceable and unique means applied to care for skin of all body. On the useful properties and actions they in many respects exceed any other cosmetic products. In them there are no dyes, preservatives and other artificial substances causing allergic reactions. Having natural basis, cosmetic oils nourish your skin with vitamins and useful components.


1. You can use them as cream, the cleaning tonic or face pack. For the dry and withering skin care use olive, almond, sea-buckthorn or coconut oil. Oil of avocado or from grape seeds will be suitable for problem oily skin. Dip cotton tampon in oil and grease with it face. Repeat the procedure 3-4 times a week.

2. Castor oil well smoothes wrinkles. Grease for the night with it skin around eyes, and wash warm water in the morning.

3. If you want to strengthen hair, also use castor oil. Take 20-30 g of oil and carefully rub it in head skin. In half an hour wash up hair with shampoo.

4. Or mix honey tablespoon from 20 g of olive oil. Apply the received weight on hair for 20 minutes. After carefully wash up the head with shampoo.

5. Taking bath, also use various oils. With their help you can lose weight, remove cellulitis, tighten and soften skin. Previously be washed up under shower. Water in bathtub should not be hotter that oil could be absorbed well. Together with oil for bathtub add 3-5 tablespoons of table or sea salt, honey or kefir. That oil has rendered due effect on your skin, do not use soap and shampoo. Duration of such procedure is 10-30 minutes. Before acceptance of bathtub densely do not eat and do not drink some alcoholic drinks. Oils for bathtubs are based on combination of fragrant herbs, they can be got in drugstore. Attentively read the instruction.

6. Use of oils at massage is effective. It will be out within hour once a week. Take 2-3 drops of three types of aromatic (grass) oils and mix them from 10-15 g of coconut, peach or almond oil. Carefully and accurately mass skin, slowly rubbing the received mix. Then relax and have a rest. In 30 minutes take warm shower.

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