How to use old cosmetics

How to use old cosmetics

cannot resist against temptation to buy the next advertized eyelash mascara, shadows for eyes or any other decorative cosmetics. But what to do with those tubes whose expiration date has come to end?

Attentively study cosmetics expiration date before purchase. The fact is that the majority of creams, lipsticks and other means, necessary for beauty of the woman, have small expiration date. You should not use expired cosmetics not only because it it is bad to lay down on skin (ink is sprinkled, shadows roll down), but also because it can be hazardous to health.

If you have suddenly noticed that at any of means of cosmetics the smell has changed, color or consistence — do not use it even in spite of the fact that the expiration date can be normal.

The dried-up nail varnishes, overdue pencils and eyeliners and also various shadows — fine material for creative work and occupations with children. Use these means for coloring and painting of hand-made articles from tree or paper.

Old friable powder perfectly is useful in economy when cleaning on storage of rubber footwear. Use it as talc, having powdered boots. Hygienic lipstick or transparent lip balms will find the second life on the shoe shelf. It is possible to grease with them leather and dermatin footwear. Means will protect it from moisture and will add gloss and shine.

The lipstick expiration date — about three years, and mascara is stored only 3 months.

Expired shampoos, balms conditioners and also various shower gels — fine alternative to laundry detergent. Very few people know that shampoo provides more delicate washing of woolen things. Pour a little strongly smelling shower gel in toilet bowl tank, and air in toilet will pleasantly smell sweet for all day.

Throwing out overdue shadows for eyes, leave palette from under them. It is useful for storage of the crumbled shadows, blush or powder. The dried wet towel wipes will be useful for wiping of dust from table or the panel of the car. Instead of oil for cuticle it is possible to use lip balm. It will perfectly moisturize and will soften the skin. [врезка#3] (Old lipstick — fine means to write to the beloved the intriguing message on glass.) Brushes from the used ink can be washed up and used carefully for division of eyelashes. Them it is also good to clean nails during manicure. Old toothbrush — the excellent tool for cleaning of jewelry.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team