How to use pedicure socks

How to use pedicure socks

Reliable and painless remedy for disposal from natoptyshy, cracks on feet and the keratosic skin - special pedicure socks. It is simple alternative to hardware pedicure, grinding files and acid peelings.


1. Pedicure socks can be bought in drugstore, in perfumery shop or to order on the specialized website. On sale there are various models. They differ in the country of production, structure and the price. Some options are flavored. Socks with mint, pink or lavender fragrance not only effectively peel skin, but also save from unpleasant smell of legs.

2. Principle of action of all socks some. They are created for softening and the subsequent peeling of the died-off skin. As a result of foot become ideally smooth, gain healthy pink color. Such effect provides complex of the acids which are part of the medicine impregnating socks. Lactic or glycolic acid is usually used. They can be complemented with the plant extracts, hyaluronic acid, castor oil and other additives which are deleting the died-off cages and deeply moisturizing the skin.

3. Before using socks, take shower or make heat foot bath. From nails it is better for Lach to remove, under the influence of acids it will grow bare. If standing there are scratches or cracks, do not use socks, they can cause painful feelings.

4. On clean and carefully walked put on pedicure socks. They can have the different size and style. Usually socks fix by velcros or tie, tightening the sewed laces around ankle. Atop it is possible to put on usual cotton socks. You carry this compress not less than an hour, then remove.

5. Process of skin exfoliation will begin not at once. In the first day you will hardly notice changes. But for the second or third day on feet there will be bubbles reminding painless callosities. Later they will turn into rags. It is the died-off skin which can be removed, having rubbed feet pumice, rigid mitten or srub. Skin will peel several days, and rags of epithelium will descend not only from heels, but also from fingers and even from ankles. Process is absolutely painless. Daily foot massage with rigid srub will help to accelerate peeling.

6. Minus at socks some - the skin descending rags looks very not esthetically. Therefore it is better to process very started legs in cold season when you do not wear open shoes. It is possible to repeat the procedure not more often than once a month. In intervals between use of socks maintain softness of feet by means of grinding file, the moisturizing cream and srub.

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