How to use pencil for the French manicure

How to use pencil for the French manicure

The French manicure – refined classics which will be appropriate both at office, and on study, and at restaurant. Nails which tip is decorated by modest strip look accurately and stylish. To execute perfect service jacket in house conditions, it is necessary to learn to use correctly pencil for manicure of a such type.

The pencil for the French manicure is used to give to nails well-groomed look. It also serves for bleaching of nail plate, quite often because of frequent use of varnish the nails turn yellow, look untidy after building. It is very simple to eliminate these defects if to adopt white pencil for service jacket.

Application of the bleaching pencil for service jacket

The bleaching pencil for the French manicure is made of medical chalk or snow-white clay. Except that such tool paints nail tip, it serves for removal of the parts of dirt, dust which have accumulated under nail. The pencil cap for service jacket is most often used for moving away of cuticle. It is also possible to use pencil as express means quickly to correct manicure. Therefore this tool for creation and maintenance of manicure in perfect tune always has to lie in make-up bag.

The bleaching pencil for the French manicure allows to strengthen nails at regular use.

By means of pencil for the French manicure it is easy to draw the smiles line. But it is not always ideal, in these cases besides pencil or as an alternative varnish of white color is applied to it.

Nuances of use of pencil for service jacket

Quite often pencils for the French manicure are too firm that to soften them, it is necessary to take means tip in warm water. But before drawing white strip on nail, it is necessary to give to plate the desirable form. During creation of the French manicure the bleaching pencil draw on nail inside, the strip can be erased when washing hands. Therefore it is possible to use means daily. And not only when nails are decorated by elegant service jacket, but also just to give to marigold beautiful view.

Pencils make many brands for service jacket, when choosing surely consider responses and trust firm which products already used.

That it was simpler to fill with pencil nail tip, it is necessary to use the sharp bleaching pencil. Roughnesses, strokes on finger skin at the same time can be removed with plain water or liquid for varnish removal. The same rule concerns removal of surplus of pencil which will be formed by all means during the day under nail, painting skin.

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