How to use pheromone perfume

How to use pheromone perfume

The word "pheromone" is transferred from Greek as "bearing excitement". These are chemicals which are produced by human body to increase its appeal to opposite sex. Recently it became fashionable to add the synthesized pheromones to perfume.

Why synthetic pheromones are necessary?

The thing is that natural pheromones constantly hide behind spirits, deodorants, cosmetics and other strongly smelling substances which have strongly become current. Besides, stresses and diseases sometimes nullify production of these substances. For this reason people look for artificial analogs natural pheromones, more often addressing perfume with special additives.

At choice of perfume with pheromones it is necessary to be guided by the preferences. If you do not like smell of perfume, despite the effect promised from pheromones at all, better choose something else. It is unlikely the smell which causes in you hostility will make you surer and it will help to be pleasant to other people. It is the best of all to buy such perfume with soft, almost imperceptible aroma or at all without it.

Pheromone perfume in use is quite simple, but nevertheless there are several subtleties which it is worth remembering. First, they should be applied on clean body as, however, and any perfume. Secondly, pheromones — volatiles which very quickly evaporate under fabric layers therefore it is necessary to apply them on open sites of skin: lobes of ears, neck, wrists. It is the best of all to use such perfume in the closed space, it will allow aroma to reveal better, and to pheromones — fully to show the action.

How to use spirits?

Specialized pheromone perfume seldom has some strong smell therefore they can be combined with favourite traditional aromas. But it is necessary to avoid their mixture therefore it is better to apply usual spirits in this case on clothes, but not on skin. If you have bought perfume which has pronounced aroma, and at the same time at its structure there are pheromones, you should not combine it with other spirits. You should not use perfume with pheromones daily. It is ideal for romantic meetings and appointments. Experts recommend to alternate different aromas. It will add to image mysteriousness and savor. Pheromone perfume works not for all at all. Some people consider that such perfume really has noticeable effect, others think that auto-suggestion force so works. Pheromone perfume does the person more self-assured that, in turn, draws attention of persons of other floor. Anyway, purchase of such means justifies itself, though for various reasons.

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