How to use salicylic acid

How to use salicylic acid

Salicylic acid is removed and synthesized from willow bark by the Italian chemist Raphael Piria. This acid and its derivatives have anti-inflammatory and antibacterial effects. Salicylic acid is generally available and effective means against acne, clarifies spots from acne rash. Acid is widely used in the cosmetic purposes. Salicylic acid softens the upper layer of the skin and fat traffic jams in follicles, renders the peeling effect, prevents blockage of time and appearance of comedones.


  1. At problem skin care and its treatment, often add other substances for increase in efficiency to salicylic acid. Use of salicylic acid in combination with glycolic acid softly bleaches skin, helping to reduce pigmentation in the place of developing of acne, removes inflammation. The combination of these means gives effect of peeling, perfectly helps to get rid of pimples and to remove surplus of skin fat.
  2. Salicylic acid is in any drugstore, in the form of 1-2% of solution or dry powder (it is dissolved in alcohol or oil). Higher concentration of acid in treatment is not used, it is fraught with serious burns of skin. Also salicylic acid is part of many cosmetics for problem skin care. For treatment of acne rash salicylic acid is applied pointwise on the inflamed sites of skin. It is not recommended to wipe with acid all face. Before use of salicylic acid, skin should be cleaned from surplus of skin fat.
  3. At skin treatment by salicylic acid do not use medicines which dry your skin: salicylic acid can aggravate dryness, provoke irritation or burns. Do not use spirit acid solution for processing of all face skin, you apply it pointwise on problem sites. It is possible to replace spirit acid solution with cosmetic products which part it is. Additional components of these means have the softening effect on face skin, prevent possible burns and exclude overdose of salicylic acid. Correctly picked up complex of products on the basis of salicylic acid will help to cope with the increased greasiness of glands and will provide careful problem skin care.
  4. Using salicylic acid for treatment of acne, always observe concentration and dosage of medicine, at aggravation of condition of skin immediately see doctor.

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