How to use silicone banks

How to use silicone banks

Silicone banks - ideal option of performing self-massage in house conditions. Small, compact and fantastically effective, banks are popular in many countries of the world.

Action of silicone cans for self-massage is based on creation of effect of puddling by vacuum which, unlike the grinding offered by other used massagers most actively influences fat deposits and cellulitis, allowing to fight against undesirable orange-peel. As the can is made of elastic material, the silicone allowing simple pressing without application of serious efforts to let out from it the excess air she easily sticks to the necessary site of surface of skin, involving it directly in massager cavity.

Pluses and minuses

Movements by can allow to strengthen blood circulation not only in skin blankets, but also actively stimulate blood-grooves of deeper and therefore less available areas, creating desirable cosmetic effect. Particular advantage of similar vacuum massage is its high efficiency, low cost and lack of special medical training of the massage therapist. Shortcoming, perhaps, one - reddening right after holding similar procedure and also possibility of appearance of insignificant hematomas next day after massage. In addition effect silicone banks make adverse effect on venous formations, sick and inclined to developing of varicosity, which unambiguously you should not subject to similar contact influence.

Technology of massage

For standard course of similar wonderful massage depending on diligence of use it is possible to remove banks to several centimeters of excess fat deposits. Use softening, and better than anti-cellulite creams will enhance desirable effect and will allow to avoid unnecessary bruises which by the way, develop seldom and can be caused only by the wrong or too long impact on certain sites of skin. Similar massage is not recommended to be carried out in case of feeling sick, headaches, cold. It is better to steam out body by means of heat bath or shower in advance, to wipe properly and to smear plentifully with specially prepared oil or cream. Massage of surface of hip, for example, should be carried out strictly from knee, slowly moving towards upper area of body. Continue to make progress from below up, without occupying sensitive sites of internal surface. 5-7 minutes of similar influence which surely has to end with visible reddening of the processed site are quite enough for achievement of desirable result. It is necessary to add rotary motions to massage of buttocks, and to carry out massage of stomach strictly in the direction of the course of hour hand.

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