How to use srub for hair

How to use srub for hair

Care for hair, oily at roots, creates many problems to the owners. Because of excessive activity of sebaceous glands the hairstyle not for long keeps fresh look. Except correctly picked up shampoo and the conditioner, it is necessary to use srub for hair.


1. The special conditioner for care for oily skin of the head and intensive clarification of roots of hair is called srub for hair. This wonderful substance includes in the structure number of the peeling tonkoizmelchenny components, for example, of microgranule of shells of walnuts. The srub for hair has to be included in care for the hair tending to fat content.

2. It is necessary to use srub for hair once a week before washing by shampoo. Plentifully moisten hair and apply small amount of means to head skin and roots of hair. Quiet massage movements rub srub within minute. The conditioner has the excellent stimulating effect on skin. If in structure there is menthol, you will feel its cooling action.

3. The srub for hair deletes not only surplus of activity of sebaceous glands, but also dust and dirt. At the same time the structure of means has included the conditioning components which feed hair and look after them. The product does not render any injuring effect, however it is not necessary to use srub too often not to destroy natural protective layer.

4. Despite the microgranules which are part, srub it is easily washed away from hair. After the procedure of intensive clarification use shampoo for fat type of hair and the conditioner for tips. If you notice that the fat content of hair has considerably decreased, so means suits you. It is possible to get srub for hair in shops of professional cosmetics. Usually such products have big expiration date, despite presence at structure of vegetable components.

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