How to use stickers on nails

How to use stickers on nails

The range of stickers for nails is very wide – from one-color opaque to multi-colored, with brilliant volume decor. The choice of any given option depends not only on your preferences. Buying ornament for nails, consider in what situation you will use it.


1. Any decor of nails has to fit into style of your dress and to be appropriate. Therefore at first define in what situation you will appear before people with similar manicure. Think what will be color scale of your clothes how reserved or saturated with jewelry will be your style. If you gather for business meeting or for you clothes from fabric with bright print and large earrings, bright manicure will be hardly appropriate. Here stickers will be useful to you for the French manicure – they are applied on nail tip with neutral basic covering.

2. By the sticker size for nails it is possible to divide into 2 types – those which close all nail and stickers representing the small drawing. The option closing all nail plate can be one-color or represent transparent or color background with the put drawing. And those, and other stickers will allow to save time considerably. Choose one-color without the drawing ("dry varnish") not to spend time for creation of equal covering usual varnish. The basis with transparent substrate will allow to create easily and quickly effect of the thinnest painting on nails.

3. If you prefer more courageous style, pay attention to the stickers with print of zebra or leopard and also imitating skin of reptiles. Besides, the additional decorative effect will be created by volume elements of the drawing. Such stickers are on sale under the name 3D or "beaded". On the last the drawing is laid out by small multi-colored beads.

4. There are three ways of drawing stickers on nails. So-called dry varnish needs to be removed from paper basis tweezers and to slightly heat phenom. When the film begins to twist, apply it to nail, smooth from the center to edges, cut off surplus.

5. Copies on sticky basis are applied on the dried basic varnish. Remove protective film from sticker, press it to nail and straighten.

6. If before you the transfer, it needs to be put for several seconds in warm water. Then to align to the center of nail and to remove protective piece of paper. Accurately press sticker fabric to remove surplus of water. Cover nail with layer of transparent varnish-fixer.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team