How to use styling foam

How to use styling foam

By means of styling foam it is possible to do very effective hair. That hair have not stuck together and were not disheveled ahead of time, it is necessary to use this cosmetic correctly.

Styling foam and its properties

One of the most popular laying means is styling foam. By means of it it is possible to create very effective curls, at the same time the hairstyle will keep the faultless appearance for a long time.

Buying styling foam in shop, it is necessary to select it correctly. For the thin and weakened hair there are special products. Foam with low or average extent of fixing most of all will be suitable for creation of womanly hairstyles. The product often sticks together hair with high extent of fixing, makes heavier them.

Some women cannot distinguish laying skin from mousse. Actually mousse is much more dense than skin. This product is suitable for laying of short hair more, than for creation of effective large curls. Upon purchase of skin it is important to pay attention to the name of the producer and expiration date of goods. Quality products not only fix hairstyle, but also look after hair, protect them from influence of high temperature in we lie drying phenom.

How to use styling foam it is correct

That the hairstyle looked stylish and is well-groomed and also kept the appearance during the long time, it is necessary to use skin correctly. Before starting laying, it is necessary to dry hair a few. They have to be slightly damp, but not wet. Further it is necessary to take cylinder with foam and to stir up it then to squeeze out small amount of means on palm. Laying requires not enough cosmetic product. Owners of short hair need to squeeze out from cylinder foam ball size about walnut. For hair dressing of average length it is necessary to squeeze out on palm foam ball size about tennis ball. Owners of long hair can use slightly bigger amount of foam depending on that effect which is necessary in each case. It is very important to observe the recommendations concerning drawing optimum means of foam on hair. If there will be too much foam, then the hairstyle will turn out inaccurate and will hold on not for long. If laying means will be not enough, to reach desirable effect it will not be gained. The skin needs to be put on all length of hair. That laying means to distribute more evenly, it is possible to comb hair hairbrush with rare teeths. For creation of radical volume it is possible to apply skin only on the basis of hair. After drawing means it is necessary to dry up the head phenom. It is important to hold the hair dryer so that the air flow has been directed in the direction of growth of hair. This reception will help to protect them from fragility. By means of skin it is also possible to create hairstyle with effect of wet hair. For this purpose it is necessary to distribute on hair small amount of special laying funds and to dry up the head by means of the hair dryer with nozzle diffuser.

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