How to use the curling iron

How to use the curling iron

Nippers for hair, or the curling iron, – the universal and very simple device in use giving the chance to create various hairstyles. Easy waves, abrupt curls and the whole cascade of curls - all this can be executed easily in house conditions, without resorting to services of professional stylists.

It is required to you

  • - curling iron;
  • - mousse for laying;
  • - hairspray;
  • - hairbrush with rare teeths.


  1. Wash up and carefully dry up hair. That the hairstyle has turned out durable, stack only absolutely dry locks. For fixing of curls apply on them mousse. Fine hair needs foam of easy fixing, heavy and dense stronger means is necessary. Squeeze out on palm portion of mousse of the size of orange and distribute it on hair by means of hairbrush.
  2. Fix the bulk of hair by clips and separate from it rather narrow lock. Than it is thinner, the curl will be that more abruptly. It is better to begin with nape – so hair will not be confused. In the last turn side curls and bang are made out.
  3. Warm nippers. Once again comb lock, slightly sprinkle it varnish and accurately wind on the curling iron, since the end. Twist all lock to roots of hair or only part – it depends on the idea of hairstyle. You hold nippers about 15 seconds then carefully release curl, trying not to trample down curl.
  4. Break away one more lock and process it in the same way. Gradually twist all hair. Do not comb them until they completely cool down. Spray curls with hairspray and shake up fingers – the effect of the thought-over disorder on the head will be gained. If you want to receive magnificent volume curls, incline the head down and slightly walk on hair hairbrush. Cast away them back, smooth a little from above, without trampling down the volume of hairstyle and fix it by varnish.
  5. Do you need abrupt curls curls? They are twisted by means of the spiral curling iron. Apply foam of strong fixing on hair, having carefully distributed it by means of hairbrush. Separate thin lock and accurately reel up it on spiral of nippers, trying to stack most exactly to avoid zalom. Process hair about 20 seconds. Release curl, holding it with hands to keep form and record curls varnish.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team