How to use the depilator

How to use the depilator

The depilator, or is more correct epilator, the device for removal of hair with root. At its application undesirable hairs are completely pulled out. The first experiments with epilator can be very painful, but once you get used to it, and you will understand how it is effective and easy to use.


1. For the first use of the depilator choose the least sensitive place on skin, otherwise you risk to receive the real painful shock, and again it will be just terrible to pick up the depilator to you. If the place is picked up correctly, pain will be moderate, and each time it will decrease. Skin will get used to operation of the depilator, and hairs will be becomes more rare and less thick, and the depilator will easier cope with them.

2. It is possible to use the depilator only when length of hair reaches at least half-millimeter, differently to the device it will be simple there is nothing to be hooked. On the other hand, too long hair cannot also be epilirovat, they need previously to be cut at least to centimetric length. That the procedure was least painful, skin needs to be prepared - at first to steam out that time has extended, and then to wipe dry and, it is desirable, to grease with the degreasing lotion. And here it is not necessary to feed and moisturize the skin before the procedure, on the contrary, as hairs in this case will become more slippery, and it will be difficult to machine to grasp them. However, the most modern and expensive models allow to carry out epilation directly in hot bathtub, on wet skin.

3. Hairs at all grow differently therefore the depilator has speed regulator which allows to pick up the work speed ideal for your skin. To pick up it, it is necessary to experiment well. Before epilation try to relax be not adjusted on pain in advance: light the aromalamp, turn on the pleasant music, think of what beautiful very soon will become your legs. The depilator needs to be conducted smoothly on skin against growth of hair, at the same time it is necessary to hold it with one hand perpendicular to leg, and another to stretch skin. If painful feelings have completely stopped, the site means it is processed and it is possible to pass to the following. After the termination of epilation surely apply the calming cream to skin.

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