How to use the matting napkins for face

How to use the matting napkins for face

matting napkins - irreplaceable accessory for fast refreshing of the person. They will carefully remove surplus of skin fat, without erasing make-up. On sale there are napkins intended for oily, normal or sensitive skin, complemented with the moisturizing or antibacterial ingredients.

It is possible to buy the matting napkins in cosmetic department of shop, in drugstore or even in supermarket. Today these accessories release the companies of different price level. The most available option - the thin translucent leaflets packed into cardboard boxes. Napkins of expensive brands are packed into convenient cases, supplied with mirror and the replaceable block. Often such napkins differ in pleasant fragrance and not only matt, but also slightly flavor skin.

Choose suitable type of the matting napkins. Means with antiseptic agents, for example tea tree oil will be suitable for oily and pimpled skin. They not only delete excess of skin fat, but also slightly dry inflammations. During heat napkins with menthol and mint are very pleasant, they refresh and cool the person a little. For sensitive skin the napkins without fragrance complemented with extract of aloe or camomile are necessary. Double napkins are very convenient. Blot with one party from nonwoven porous fabric skin, removing excess fat, and another on which the thinnest layer of powder is applied, matt face.

Having noticed gloss in the T-zone, apply leaf to the person and slightly press it fingers. On napkin the fat spot is formed, and skin will become opaque. Take one more leaf and process other site of skin. Matting of all person requires 4 or 5 napkins. Do not rub skin that together with fat not to remove make-up. Act with quiet promakivayushchy movements, moving from the center of the person to the periphery. Do not forget to process nose wings, the hollow over lip and over chin. In these parts sebaceous glands are especially active.

If you use double napkins, after removal of skin fat blot skin with the party on which powder is applied. If your napkins unilateral, having stopped removing fat, accurately walk on the person sponge or brush with friable powder. If necessary it is possible to refresh blush. Do not use dense compact powder, it can lay down spots. The best option - the soft pressed powder of fine crushing or loose means.

If you want to remove gloss of lipstick, apply napkin to painted lips. Paint will not be smeared, but will gain interesting velvety effect.

Napkins are not intended for removal from face of sweat and moisture. During heat it is better to blot face with paper handkerchief at first. Apply it to skin at temples, roots of hair and in other places where moisture has acted. For refreshing it is possible to sprinkle the person thermal water from bottle with spray. Let's skin cool down and to dry completely, after that start processing by its matting napkins.

You do not store the used napkins in case, at once throw out them. Products are not intended for reuse.

It is possible to use napkins several times a day. You can blot only the T-zone or process all face. Napkins and to those who do not do make-up will be useful. Napkins it is possible to process neck, zone under chin and even area of decollete.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team