How to use the proofreader for make-up

How to use the proofreader for make-up

Dense foundation can turn the person into mask. That it did not happen, use liquid foundation, and mask shortcomings of skin by means of the proofreader. Correctly picked up means easily will hide dark circles under eyes, enlarged pores and other defects.

Choice of the proofreader

It is possible to find proofreaders in the form of cream in sale, pastes, stika or emulsions. You can put means with the built-in sponge, special brush or finger-tips. The choice of way of drawing depends on the covering ability of the proofreader and also on effect which you are going to achieve.

Be not limited to the only tube of the proofreader. For ideal masking to you can it is required different means. Professional makeup artists can use up to 4 means of different texture and at the same time create effect of the fresh, not overloaded with cosmetics face.

Correctly choose shade of the masking means. For pale skin the lightest are necessary tone, from biscuit to light pink. More dark face needs the proofreader of almond, honey or beige color. If it was not succeeded to find ideal means, mix more dark proofreader with light for achievement of the necessary tone. Also the texture of the proofreader is important. For refreshing of skin under eyes soft cream with reflective particles is necessary. Dense dryish paste will help to hide heat-spots, and the gentle cream pencil will be suitable for masking of minor defects like freckles.

Nuances of masking

Most often the eye area needs masking. Correctly picked up proofreader will help to level skin color, will hide bruises and the burst capillaries, will disguise swellings and small wrinkles. For masking choose not too dense means with reflective particles. Wipe skin with tonic without alcohol and humidify with cream or gel. On the prepared skin the proofreader will lay down more exactly and will hold on longer. Gather a little means and the driving-in movements apply it to skin, moving from internal corner of eye to external. Accurately shade the proofreader finger or brush. If under eyes there are small wrinkles, do not smear, and drive in cream - such reception will help to disguise roughnesses on skin. Make sure that the proofreader does not lie spot. Powder eye area transparent friable powder for alignment of color and texture of skin. Brush away surplus of powder brush or sponge. The dense opaque proofreader will be suitable for masking of specks and heat-spots is slightly lighter than your skin. You put him over liquid foundation with very gentle patting movements. Do not rub means, so you only aggravate problem. Not to be overzealous, attentively estimate result at mirror. Work at good lighting, for convenience it is possible to use magnifying mirror. If it is necessary to disguise larger shortcoming - for example, - impose pigmental spot the proofreader layer-by-layer. It can be mixed with small amount of foundation and to impose softly latex sponge, the patting movements. Upon completion of masking powder skin.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team