How to use thermal water

How to use thermal water

water is extracted from hot springs and geysers. It is rich with mineral salts and microelements, contains magnesium, potassium, selenium, iron, sodium, manganese. When using in the cosmetic purposes the cellular metabolism, moisture content level accelerates, the resilience to negative impacts of external factors increases and protective reaction of skin amplifies.

It is required to you

  • - bottle of thermal water.


  1. Use thermal water from the famous producers. It is hermetically packed that protects microelements from negative impact of oxygen from which all salts drop out in deposit. The water gathered in source keeps the curative properties within three days therefore independently it is impossible to prepare for the future it. By production thermal water not only is hermetically packed into bottles with the spray, but also spilled in sterile tanks to avoid hit of microorganisms.
  2. Cosmetic thermal water in only a few seconds moisturizes the skin and fills it with microelements. Use means every morning. You apply to the cleaned face skin, necks and decollete. After use you can do make-up and fix it by means of thermal water.
  3. If you gather for rest, do not forget to take several bottles with thermal water. It will help if you need to remove irritation of skin after excess stay in the sun, after depilation and burns. Besides stay in the sun negatively influences skin, and it promptly loses moisture therefore intensive moistening will be more than ever by the way.
  4. That the effect was maximum, moisturize the skin by means of thermal water and at once you apply the nutritious or moisturizing cream. You can add several drops of water to cream or face pack, from it their effect considerably will amplify.
  5. After face peel, peeling, always sprinkle the cleaned face skin and necks thermal water. It will help to carry useful substances in more deep skin layers.
  6. Systematically applying thermal water, your skin will shine health. Wrinkles will appear much later.

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